VMPS RM 40 or Coincident T.V.

Has anyone out there heard both of these speakers? Both have great reviews and can be ordered direct from the MFG. I would appreciate any comments on there sounds. How they differ or sound alike.
The best Coincident T.V.
I have the RM40s and don't find the Coincident T.V.s compare.

Please consider I am biased:

1) I have RM40s in my personal system
2) I am a VMPS dealer (as well as over 20 other speaker brands)

But I have heard both and might offer the following:

Placement: The CTVs with their sidefiring woofs are much placement sensitive and suffer greatly if placed on the "long wall" which always offers the best imaging and soundstage.

Sound: The CTV is at least a 4 way speaker meaning at least 3 crossovers or blends. The Neopanel Ribbon of the RM40 covers the spectrum from 166Hz to 10Hhz. This presents an incredible cohesive sonic purity to this all important range.

Price: CTV = $11,500 VMPS RM40 = $4600

Looks like an easy decision to me, Actually it was : )

Just my admittedly "biased" thoughts.

I agree with Summitav...I also recommend you RM40..
I've heard both several times. VMPS is superior in the bottom end, and midrange, but comparable on top. The only advantage to the Coincident is that it is potentially an easier load for a tube amp to drive. Sadly, it appears the Canadian speakers grossly overpriced in this shoot out.