VMPS RM 30 or RM 40-VS- Von Schweikert VR4 Series?

Has anyone out there owned both, heard, or compared the VMPS RM30 or VMPS RM40 to the Von Schweikert VR-4JR or VR-4 Generation III SE loudspeakers?
If so, what were the sonic differences and sonic advantages and disadvantages in comparison to one another?
Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the recent emails. It was good talking to you again. Here is my bias Re: your posted question: Don't be silly--just get a pair of Quad 988s or 989s and listen to beautiful music.

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I'd like to hear from the same people. I know a guy at AC went to a dealer I think in Washington D.C. who carries both and ended up with the RM 40's. You can probably find out what he said with a search at the VMPS circle at audiocircle.com. The Von Schweikerts must be a bargain also. I've heard the 40's and was extremely impressed, especially for the money.
Maybe this recent review might tell you a bit about the RM30

I also auditioned the RM 40 and VR-4 jr recently at Dynamic Sound (probably the dealer in DC referred to above). I would say the biggest differences were in three areas: (1) RM 40s had noticably better "you are there" presence and ability to resolve detail. An example would be hearing a guitarist's fingers scraping on the guitar strings. The ribbon drivers just unmask a tremendous amount of detail. That is not to say that the VR-4 jr's were defficient in that respect - just not as stunningly clear; (2) RM 40's had greater dynamic range; (3) VR-4 jr's were far superior if you're interested in being insensitive to listening position. RM 40's have about an 18 inch vertical sweet spot, if you get above or below that, you miss the best part of the highs. No different with any other ribbon drivers. VR-4 jr's had surprisingly good low bass response for such a relatively small enclosure - although I didn't really test their ability to hold up at high volumes and low frequencies. BTW, I would recommend anyone in the DC area to check out Lucius at Dynamic Sound, he is an extremely gracious host and very knowledgeable.