VMPS - any owners

VMPS is another speaker line that has caught my attention but there is almost no mention of them in this forum. Does anyone have them? Care to discuss them?

If you will permit a thought from a non-owner, any speaker (whose size, appearance or price does not rule it out) that has won a "Best of CES" award should earn at least an audition.
I have heard and have visited many times with Brian Cheney of VMPS as I once lived in the Bay Area near him. He is a great guy; a little tempermental at times, but a passionate designer who builds a very high quality speaker at a very affordable price. There is no speaker that comes close to the bass performance at his price point. Brian's speakers have a very big sound and can go very loud without distortion. My only objection is the very large cabinets on his top end speakers. Lastly, the efficiency of his speakers is very high and most can be biamped. I would definitely give them a listen.
Owner here, FF3 SRE speaker and I am happy with them, my friend has the top of the line Elixir and likes them aswell. There are a few systems here that have them and owners on AudioAsylum have a whole VMPS club for you to check out.
I've owned the RM30's for a couple of years and think they're a great value. Check out my "Built for Speed" system, if you like.
Go check out AudioCircle.com for loads of VMPS info in and out of their own Circle.

Read the VMPS RM30 comments after the EMM story in this link (taken from a Digital forum EMM CDSA thread).

All ya gotta do is lurk here and wait for a pair of full boat RM-30m's and buy 'em. Or, RM-40's perhaps.

I've been listenting my RM-30's for 12 months now. Never a disappointing moment. No need to look elsewhere. What's not to like?
- Full range speakers with adjustable bass, midrange and treble. (Do not under estimate how important this is!)
- Deep, tight and tuneful bass.
- Fast and detailed midrange.
- Smooth treble.
- All well integrated into an attractive, though not small cabinet.

Below's a list of what's been in house previously, roughly in decending order of date acquired.

Sound Dynamics 300ti's. Come, and gone. Not missed.
Spica Angelus. Boo, hoo...burnt 'em up. Vocal champs!
Apogee Centarus. Nothing in this list comes near 'cept the Stax 'phones.
Stax 'phones SRM-something. Never should have sold 'em.
ADS L810's. Full, rich, non-offending sound. Still in service at the 'ex's place.
Radio Shack Optimus LX-4's. Bargain of the bunch. Still in use.
Polk 5A's. If you ever see a pair, buy 'em.
Bose 901's circa 1980 - 1982. Sold 'em the day the Polks were installed.

FWIW, the $50 Rat Shack LX-4's are quite amazing when crossed over to any reasonable sub @90hz or so. Absolute killer as an office or bedroom setup.