VIZIO 47" lcd - Any good?

Has anyone purchased the new Vizio 47" LCD TV?

Saw it at COSTCO (On sale for $1650) and the picture looked very good, even in comparison to the Sony's, Pannies, etc.......

Any opinions.

Nah. Research the Panasonics at Costco. Hard to beat valuewise. Their return policy is unmatched if you aren't happy. Cheers,
It depends on how critical you are verses being frugal. I have experienced the Vizio 47" at a friend's house for many hours. This was after he had, IIRC, a Samsung 40" or 41" unit and my friend and I feel the Vizio best'd it. It's a great bang for the buck LCD. Furthermore, if you do get it at Costco and find it's not your cup of tea, they do have a fantastic return policy. :)
I recently purchased a Panasonic 42" plasma at Costco and I am quite happy with its performance. I agree Check it out!