Vivid speakers Giya G3 and Oval K1

Has anyone compared these two speakers with each other? I would be interested in your thoughts about what you liked and didn't like. These two have my interest in a possible upgrade. I live in the Pacific Northwest which is a waste land for higher end audio (IMO) Thanks.
I've heard both. The Giya's are a little more complete in the bottom end. Also seemed to have slightly better image definition on the stage ( very slightly).
Both are excellent speakers, IMHO. As to the looks, well the Giya's are either your cup of tea or they are not. The Oval K1's are a lot more traditional looking and will probably match more peoples decor. Personally, I would go for the G3's.
The Giya G3 is certainly a nice speaker. How much nicer than the Oval K1 I can
not say as I have never heard the K1s.

I should also say that IMO the Giya G3 is not worth it retail price of 28k euros. I
had the Giya G3 in my system for a week and I was very surprised to see/hear
that my Avantgarde UNO G2 speakers (retailing at 16k euros) bested them in so
many areas.

As this is not a thread about Avantgarde UNO speakers, I will only say that,
unlike the UNOs, the Giya G3s need to be played loud (i.e. 75 dB or more) to
develop decent bass, soundstage and stereo image. This was a deal breaker for
me as most of my listen session are between 60 and 75 dB.

I listened oval k-1 at my friends crib...and i must say excellent speaker somewhat odd "space" look but sound is sublime...very wouldnt expect such a big sound from not so big drivers...i guess its worth of the money...allthough i would never buy was amplified with goldmund integrated, msb teh. dac signature with galaxy clock...listened them also with dartzeel integrated...both very good but goldmund is better with ovals...has better control, more energy...
btw did not spend decent time with G3s as with ovals K-1 and did not hear them with same gear to say truly which speaker is better but if you ask me i would take K-1s before G-3s...for the price i think K-1 is more acceptable and capable...