vivid giya g3 anyone ?


Owners of or anyone who had the chance auditioning the Vivid g3 -
Can you share your impressions and refer to the amplification in the setup and how did the vivid compare to other speakers you've heard/owned ?
thanks in advance

Not sure where you are located, but we have the G3's(black) in our Manhattan showroom, if you happen to be in the NYC area. We drive them with either Merrill Audio Veritas amps, or a Kondo 32 Watt integrated amp. You are always invited to visit and have a listen. Bob 212-2290-1842 Rhapsody Music and Cinema.
I heard the G3s at the NYC show and thought they were one of the best sounding rooms at the show (I think it was the Rhapsody room from above) for whatever that's worth. I think they were being driven by Mola Mola amps but not 100% sure. One of the few rooms where the bass wasn't overdone, although the music was being played at a relatively low level (both times I stopped in) that I found a little frustrating, so that may have been a factor. Still, the sound was very natural, balanced, and coherent. I'd love to hear them under better conditions and with my music, and if I'm you and given the price of the speakers I'm buying a plane ticket if necessary to go hear them. Best of luck.
i have the G2s. Simply awesome, but my experience is that these speakers love power. I am driving them with Musical Fidelity's amazing new-ish M8700 monoblocs amd M8 pre and couldn't be happier. Fantastic detail and speed at SP levels from low to concert. Even at silly SP levels this setup produces no distortion or edge at all.
I have listened to them repeatedly at my dealer's showroom and think they are great. super dynamic and accurate. So...I bought the G2s! which are nothing short of fabulous. but in my experience these speakers like power. i started driving my G2s with a 500w stereo amp and that did a very good job, but i upgraded to Musical Fidelity's fantastic new-ish M8700 monoblocs and the M8 pre and oh boy...dynamics, punch, micro detail all stepped up several levels. These MuFi amps are superb and the Giya 2s are among the best that exist IMO, short of, well, the G1s, but they require more real estate.
I ended up buying a pair of g3.Driven by Pass xa 60.5 - just an excellent pair of speakers.My system is already updated in the virtual systems section. Thanks for all responses.