Has anyone heard these speakers? Are there any owners who would like to comment.How do they compare to other high end speakers (Revel, B&W, Wilson, YG etc.)? What do you like about Vivid. Any poblems or complaints? What amps, pre-amps, cables, front end are you using with Vivid?
I love the vivid speakers. I think they the most natural sounding speakers I have experienced. Highly dynamic, realistic, lively, and never fatiguing. I have owned many speakers along the years, including Avalon, Wilson, and Magico. Go and listen to them. Even the smallest, the V1.5 is much better then and Wilson.
I have the Vivid v1.5. They are the most musically engaging speakers I have owned. They involve me into the listening like no other speaker. I have owned Proac, B&W, Magnepan, Thiel, Focal, and Wilson Benesch speakers (listened to many others), all very nice...but the Vivid v1.5 has taken me to a level beyond expectation. I expected a very neutral, unboxy, effortless sound. Got that and a level of coherence and continuity that I have never ever heard from any type of speaker. They are not cheep but frankly they are a bargain for what they do. There have been a few moments in my hifi experience (25 years) that absolutely opened my eyes to high end audio. Listening to an LP12 for the first time back in the 80s when IT was the the TT to own. Switching from a Thorens TT to an LP12. Getting my first really good preamp. Getting Audioquest silver signal and speaker cables and now with the Vivid speakers. You must go listen to them. 1 Minor quibble...binding posts a little hard to manage if you have spade connectors. Marantz sa-7, Avid Volvere SME IV, Aesthetix Calypso Signature, Rhea, Plinius SA-50 MKIII, Nordost Valhalla, Shunyata PCs.
Tidal, Vivid and Brodman are the top three speaker manufacturers in my book, and I have experienced the trench that separates these from the vast majority rather as a quantum leap sort of thing. If you have a chance, do listen to the Giya; Vivid manufacture speakers that stand far above discussion on single sound characteristics that one invariably seems to indulge in with the other names you mentioned. Instead, Vivid stands for completeness of the musical experience. Here's another thread with a few more thoughts
It would be nice if I could read the microscopic print on the website.
I have great things about YG audio speakers and Vivid Audio speakers. Has anyone compared these two speakers? How do they compare?
Answering your question: YG or Magico don't compare to Vivid in my mind. The Vivid speakers are way more musical and real sounding.
Would Vivid Audio V1.5 be able to play comfortably in a 30m2 room? Or would it be stretching them?
Meanwhile I have tried to Vivid Audio V1.5 in my 30m2 living room and, after some careful positioning, they sounded amazing and have all I want except for the lack of bass.

Of all the alternatives I heard, they're still my favourite. But I need that bass... not too much... just enough for a cello to not sound like a viola :)

I'm considering complementing them with a subwoofer but I wonder if this is a good solution.

Any opinions?

A few weeks ago, i heard the Giya G1's. The system was in a large room with Mola Mola amps, Luxman DAC, an Apple Mac book pro doing digital and the Brinkmann Bardo doing analog duty. The speakers were exceptional and threw a very large and well defined stage with exact placement of instruments. The bass was articulate and had great heft, a very impressive demo indeed. I think the only down-side IF you can call it that is the size and look of the speakers. They are without doubt a particular taste in aesthetics. OTOH, IF I had the room for these, they would be on my VERY short list. I have also heard most of the YG line, which is not IMO in the same league as the Vivid's. Cold and analytical is the way i would describe the YG's that I have heard.
I have added a pair of the REL S/3 subwoofer to accompany the Vivid 1.5, driven by Luxman MQ88 and CL88 along with the Luxman DA-06 dac. Very coherent ... The RELs just add impact and body.
I have the V1.5 and agree better than my Wilson Audio Puppy 5.1, my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors as well as (now sold) B&W 802N.  As many say lacks bottom end on some material but added 2 x B&W PV1 subwoofers which complement them due to 'speed'.

Next is my Vivid Audio B1 coming.

Driving the V1.5 with NuPrime IDA-16 and Nordost Heimdall speaker cables.