Vivid Audio Giya G1


If I can accept the looks of the Giya speakers, would I have a great candidate for a "last speaker"? I can find a lot of prices which the speakerbrand have gotten, that is cool, not so many "private" Reviews thought, since they seem a bit rare.

What I have head though is that:

1)Ported bass, whats your input? A bunch of people I´ve talked to says that a closed bass-construction have a "correctness" and that a closed have a "bloated" and slow bass.

2)There are rumors that the speaker elements of Giya are very fragile, what are your thoughts on it
Someone told me to knock on the cabinet and try to move it with two fingers to see it fall. I interpreted that this means that the speaker is not stable and hallow inside.

All feedback is appreciated. I am going to listen to this speaker soon.

The G1 is an incredible speaker and with out a doubt is one of the best speakers in the world, regardless of price, but as with anything which is a personal choice you need to hear them for yourselves.

As per ported vs non ported bass the Giya's do not have a conventional port, they use a stuffed variable density transmission line tube concept in the Giya series this is the first time employed for bass.

The G1's bass is fast, dynamic, pitch accurate and goes way deeper than listed, I heard a CES demo where the ceiling lights fell out due to the pressure in the room, which was amazing!

The speaker elements are fragile but unless you are very careless, you should never need to replace them.

The cabinet is a high strength composite which is light weight due to the design of low energy storage in the cabinet, rather than using pure mass.
Definitely, have a listen. I heard a set at a show, and found the sound to be pretty swell. I put them as punching in the same league as the Raidho and YG offerings that I also loved – although the Raidhos were my clear favs, both the D1 and D2. Yes, please. (And, incidentally, found all three considerably more enjoyable than the mega-buck offerings from the likes of Wilson, Genesis, etc. But that's certainly a pretty random sampling, given the eccentricities one has to deal with at shows).

As for ported v. non-ported, think it’s impossible to make blanket statements about how either sounds across the boards. Either can be done right, and either can be done poorly. Think it all comes down to the execution in any given application.

Finally, the looks. Do not like. I couldn’t live with it. Full stop. I didn’t have the chance to try to knock one over, either. Generally, got the impression that sort of behavior would be frowned upon. But it didn’t look like it would be too difficult....
If you can get past the odd look of the design and think you could live with the strange shape long term - then auditioning the Vivid Audio Giya is a must. As Audiooracle notes the bass is deep. That said, like Mezmo, I have far preferred the more conventional look and the amazing sound of Raidho Acoustics loudspeakers.
1. Last speaker? Yes.

2. Bass? It's all in the implementation.

3. Drivers? They are protected by mesh covers.

I agree that you should also check the Raidhos.
I agree with Mezmo about the Giya looks - complete lack of WAF notwithstanding, they remind me of Teletubbies. Audiooracle sells them, hence his post. I haven't heard a YG I could listen to for more than five minutes. Raidho is somewhat in vogue, maybe because of some reviews but also because they're decent speakers.

Keep looking. I'm a dealer but not of anything similar.
Dealer take it with a grain of salt;)

I have both Vivid G3 Giya's and Raidho D1's in our Manhattan showroom. You would be amazed at the clients that come in to hear one of the speakers specifically and listen to both the Vivid's and the Raidho's and end up liking the other one. Both the Vivid and Raidho offerings are world class, but personal preference, once someone hears both of them, side by side, is the final factor. I love both of them. Which ever one is connected and I listen, I say "yes, this is the one", then I connect the other one and I just scratch my head, as I love the sound of that one as well. Both great speakers.
Interesting to see the frequency with which we all seem to compare the Raidho and Vivids -- even if I did start it. As for the YG that I had unceremoniously lumped in with them, it was the new(er), little two-way Carmel. Honestly, never particularly liked the bigger YG's I've heard. Technically fine, but just not all that compelling. (No arguing with taste). All that said, wouldn't trade any of them for my Verity Parsifals. Yea, a true fan-boy. Just thought to disclose where I'm coming from.
thanks for your feedback guys. The speakers are so seldom, I am trying to find someone which actually owns them.

They are certainly unique good or bad, but if the sound is so good that you say then I´ll definitly check them out.

Does anyone here on audiogon own them?