Vivid Audio G3/G4 vs Rockport Atria Loudspeakers

Looking for opinions on Vivid Audio G4 (or perhaps G3) vs Rockport Technologies Atria loudspeakers. I have heard both at shows, each impressing me. I felt the Atria to be slightly more musical, the G3 slightly more resolving. Any and all insights would be very much appreciated.
Thank you all!
I recently had the opportunity to listen to the Vivid B-1 in my home using an all Luxman audio front end (class A 30wpc integrated amp powering it all).

If the G3 or G4 are better than the B-1's you have something. The B-1's were spectacular. My listening area sucks w/12' tall flat ceilings, a large great room area, and a bit flat screen between and behind the B-1's.

If you are in or near LA, go to "On a Higher Note" and check them out. Really impressive speakers with bass that extended below what the specs would indicate. And that bass was crisp, clean, and clear, not muddy or unresolved in any way. I've never heard the Rockports (or the G3 or G4 for that matter), but I'm seriously wanting those B-1's back in my house. Soundstage breadth and depth were very, very good; even with the room compromises that were present.

I think either will be great speakers, but right now I'm hooked on the sound and engineering behind the Vivid speakers. To top it off, they look good too!
I did a measurement with my B1's in my room and although the specs are 39hz, mine goes down to 30hz. The top end on the B1's should sound identical to the Giya's as they use the same tweeter and midrange. The only difference will be in the bass.