Viva vs. WAVAC amps

Anyone heard both brands and have any comments on
sound or reliability? I understand Viva is represented
by same people that imports Jadis and they were very rude
to me on two occassions when I was considering their amps.
Have they improver their manners or should I avoid Viva
These products are not represented by the same people. Wavac is by tmh audio who is the US Importer for WAVAC Audio, Köchel, Miyabi, Pure Silver Co.

Viva was originally represented by Victor Goldstein of Fanfare in New York until about January of 2000. He also (previously) brought in Jadis and now represents the German Physics line. If you received rude treatment concerning either Jadis or Viva, It was someone other than Victor Goldstein, as he is a gentleman.

Viva is currently brought in to the USA through Dallas, TX. By an importer/audio dealer. The owner of Viva is Giampietro Schembri of Grisignano, Italy.

As far as performance, the Wavac is one of the best amps of its type ever built. I have heard all these mentioned, except for the German Physics. The Lamm amps are also worth consideration, as they are a very stable product and offer extraordinary performance with excellent reliability.

For the record, I own none of these currently.
Can't comment on the Viva amps, but I did own a Wavac, and I agree with Albert. They have stunning transparency, great soundstaging, dynamics, detail, and liquidity. They even have bass!! Not your typical SET. I found my Wavac to be a step above my Art Audio Jota in almost every category, and certainly one of if not THE best amp I've owned. Speaker compatibility caused me to sell, but alas...I miss it!!
I have heard both, not at the same time and own WAVAC md-805M.

To me, my ears and system Wavac are flawless with the right speaker and the holy grail of valve amps.

I heard the Viva Fono with the Viva Solista.IME the Fono is the best phono stage I have ever heard.I contemplated purchasing the Fono and returned to the Dealer for several listening sessions.
The more I listened the more the economy shrunk and I was forced to forgo the purchase.If you are into vinyl the Viva Fono is a must audition.
Albert,I was told that Profundo in California is the importer
of Viva
Profundo took over after Terry had it here in Dallas. I don't know the linkage that was involved in this last transfer of distribution.

I saw Bob at CES, he's a very nice and polite person. I hope he does well with VIva.
Thank you Albert and my apology to the OP who ask a question on Viva and Wavac amps to which I responded with praise for a phono stage.Also the Fono was playing through a Linea not the Solista that I mentioned.I guess its just my day
I have heard both and have used a Viva Solista for 5 years. That is one of the best amps I have heard, but I am sure Wavac is in another league. I spent a long time at a show in the UK and felt the sound in the wavac room, was the best I have heard before and since.
having said that, Wavac is another league in price too. If you consider you can pick up a second hand Solista for $4000. I am not sure where you can get a better sound for the price, assuming you have sensitive enough speakers. They do not have to be too sensitive though. I found they had better control of 89db speakers than the 180 watt Karan 180, I was also using at the time.
Hi Goldeneraguy,

The Viva dealer here in California, Stereo Unlimited in Walnut Creek. They work directly with Amedeo Schembri in fact he is a life long friend of the the owners. I can say in all honesty that the Viva Aurora T monos are the very finest amplifiers I've ever hear and I've hear a lot! They had them driving the 86db mbl 101e to very loud levels that sounded simply amazing. They have their own wire formula that they can modify all of the components that they sell. They still use the Viva Linea preamp as their reference. They also cary a lot of other brands but it all has to start with the music first, or they won't sell it. As far as the WAVAC goes, sure it's a great amp but their is another 833 based amp, made in Milpitas CA called Win Analog. From what I've heard at CES these totally give the WAVAC a run for the money, all though I still prefer the 845 Viva sound they are both far and above anything I could ever afford being a freelance photographer, I can't complain however as I own a couple of Jolida 211 based monoblocks that The Hares at Stereo Unlimited modified for me that sound pretty amazing too. To me this is the ONLY place to check out Viva anywhere in the country.

Hopes this helps,

Has anyone compared Jadis amps, such as JA 30 or JA 80 mono blocks with
Viva amps?
Greetings from the UK - can't comment on Jadis but have owned both Viva and Wavac amps and the result for me was without any doubt Viva. I have a Viva Linea pre and Viva 300B monoblocks and they are about the best amps I have ever heard or owned. Previously I had Wavac 300B which was excellent but the Viva . . . .
Wavac 300B is the entry level Wavac and costs the 1/5 of the Viva amps if I am not mistaken!

What is the rest of your setup?

Viva are fantastic.

Few days ago I had an audition with Viva LineaXP preamp and Mactone X25 preamp. The setup was tuned with Mactone and the owner was unhappy.
Then Viva entered the system and right out of the box and for a healthy 3 hours happy listening and smiles from all the participants. A phono shoot out betwen Viva and Wavac will follow.

The MActone owner was wondering why both units costs the same and the performance is night and day for Viva of course.

I think that there are many overrated japaneese audio gear out there, of course Viva has no advertisement and promotion but has many happy users in the U.S.

I own a Viva Solista, a true keeper... Has it almost all there, dynamics, transparency but overall tone rendering at is best.
Holy back from the dead threads - Nine years later, an update! That has to be an A'gon record.
The latest generation Viva audio products are so much better and making impact to the real music lovers
Late last year upgraded to a pair of Viva Verona XL 845/211 monoblocks - still using the Viva Linea preamp but now fitted with high quality remote facility.

Best amps I have heard to date, period; they are sublime - rest of kit CEC TLO transport through DCS Elgar/Purcell DAC/Upsampler and at the end pair of Verity Parsifal Encores. Best system I have ever put together in over 40 years of playing with hi-fi.
Fellini - The Verona's look terrific - I assume that they are based in the Solista but nor sure of that.... Congratulations for the rest of your system picks - in particular the Verity speakers.