Viva & Martin-Logans?

Does anyone have any experience with pairing any of the 845 based Viva amps with recent edition Martin-Logan electrostats? I currently use ML Odysseys and I have a chance to pick up a Viva Solista. The in home audition won't be until later this week. Other suggested speakers that match well with the Solista are also invited.

Thank you.
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A few years ago Sound Lab showed at CES with Viva amps, and from what I understand they worked quite well together. A number of Sound Lab owners went on to become Viva owners as well. Since Sound Lab electrostats are, if anything, a more difficult load than the Martin Logans, I think you'll be in good shape with the Vivas (within the amplifier's inherent power limitations of course). I've never heard the Vivas on electrostats personally, but I've heard 'em on Kharma Ceramique 1.0's, and so far it's the best-sounding amp I've heard in that particular system.

Best of luck to you,

Thanks for the response Duke. Since posting my question I've had a chance to talk to a Viva owner and a dealer. Based upon their input I'm not going to pursue the Solista. They raved about the sound quality, but they indicated that long-term ownership can be problematic. I'm reminded of the Lily Tomlin line -- "Life can be wonderful, but it won't."