hello AuGoNeRs,
I need some advice on some changes for my system.I am thinking about purchasing a ViVa int amp(never listen to it before,just read alot of good things about it).it will replace my bat pre-amp vk3i+(either BAT vk-60 or VAC 30/30).I am not sure if i make the right decision,so if any one have any experience with the viva int(22w push/pull),please have some speaker currently vienna beethoven(91db),but eventually will be upgrade to avantgarde uno.thanks
I have heard it with the monitor loudspeaker of the JMLab Utopia Be, vandenHul cabling. It was a nice setup. But I would not buy without audition. YOu already have a nice system, at this level it is questionable whether it would really be an upgrade for you.
any one out there know if it is possible to hook this up to the pre-amp and used it as an amp?the reason for this is the viva does not have a phono-pre built in and while shopping for the pre-phono,i am wondering if i can hook it to my old pre(with phono) to spin vinyl for the time being.thanks
I heard the Viva amps at Victor Goldstein's (the importer of these amps at the time) residence. I thought they sounded incredible. Just incredible! Of course your current system is already very good and I think that the Viva amps will simply present music in a different fashion, the music will be more seductive, wetter, and lush sounding. Although you will be giving up some of the detail and bass precision. Other then that, I think you would be very happy with the Viva amps.
I have a Viva 300B integrated amp and love it. I am using it with Galante Symphony speakers, BAT phono and Rega p9 with incredible results. Best bass I have heard from a 300b SET. Lots of fun to listen to. Anyway, there is a direct input on the VIVA integrateds which allows you to use a preamp. Good luck.
hi AuGoners,
i ve been living with the viva INT amp for the past 2 months and loving it. at the back of the amp have 6 input number from 1-5,one of them mark 'S'. any one know what does the S stand for? and what is this input use for? thanks
I also listened to the VIVA Verona at Victor Goldstein. I also had the pleasure to meet Amedeo, Viva's engineer, when I was at Victor's place. The Verona blew my mind! the best amp I have ever listened to. Best components, no feedback, single ended, point to point... I would go on and on for ever. It will definitely fit well with the Avantgarde. I would give Zingali a try as well or even the Triangle Magellan. In my opinion, the VIVA is simply the best amp one can buy nowadays. I wish I could afford it!

One more thing. Don't worry about the power whatsoever. The truth is that though this amp will shine with high sensitive speakers (ie. Avantgarde, Zingali, Triangle), it is able to deliver enough power to run almost anything. Check the Viva website for advice. They also know a great deal about speakers.

Hope you enjoy it.

I believe the 22 watt push pull is the 300B model. I purchased the Solista on the Gon about a month ago and it's a keeper. It's 17 watts, but a Class A SET based on 845 valves and certainly drives my living Voice Avatars wonderfully, great drive imaging, very good base for any amp let alone a tube SET. These speakers are 94db, so I can't comment on 91db speakers, I would have thought they would be fine. Only problem, they certainly run HOT as you would expect of course. I understand a review is out soon in Stereophile, ? Art Dudley, of the Solista