Vitus sia 025 vs d'agostino momentum

Hi everyone
i need some advice on this one. I have devialet 400 monos and I’m looking to get an integrated amp. I have narrowed the search to vitus sia 025 and d’agostino momentum amps. I am hoping to get advice on choosing between these two items.
My system
focal Scala v2
2 REL g1 subs
brinkmann balance tt
brinkmann 12.1 tonearm
benz lps
shunyata triton/typhon
transparent reference cables
audio alchemy phono
dsc rossini
The reason for the change in amps that I feel that the devialets lack any depth to the soundstage and my system is too technical. I have heard these amps and they seem to add better scale to the soundstage and a more tube like sound
any suggestions?
thanks in advance
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I,too, want to demo the Vitus gear. Whom has the best showroom here in the U.S. ?

I would love to have the MP-L201...& the MP-M201 monos...can anyone lend me about  $220,000...?
i heard there is only 2 us authorized dealers. One in New York and the other in Orange County. I only know of the one here on the west coast. It's cake audio. I heard the amp in the Newport show a couple of weeks ago. Sounded awesome.
also thank you audiolabyrith for your detailed review. I'm leaning towards the vitus. The momentum is a great amp but I thought it was a little overdone. I have been told that It could cause fatigue to listen to.
At this level I think Ypsilon is worth considering as well.
Dodo try the gryphon Diablo 300
i swapped my Vitus sai025 for one
chalk and cheese imho

Forgot to say...
i have an aurender x100, lampizator golden gate 7, gryphon Diablo 300, and until recently focal scala utopia v2
Happy listening!
in Scotland
One issue with the excellent Vitus amps was that they need to be left powered up as they take 3 to 4 days to reach their transparent sound
my Diablo 300 takes 30 minutes although I do leave it on standby

Have heard the beautiful d'agostino with Magico speakers
Impressive but bass less warm than the Scala v2 or my current Zingalis client name 3.12

hope this rambling is of some help or interest

Thanks Leonard 
i have been reading about gryphon but there is no dealer in the US. I want an amp that is great with soundstage and gives the music depth. I felt that the momentum were great but a little too rounded and maybe a little too smooth like an overly sugary hot chocolate. The vitus seems to be more organic to my ears maybe not as creamy. Hope this makes sense

If you want to give the D'Agostinos a go in your system, let me know. Of course I'm biased, but if there's anything you will NOT find on Dan's latest is fatigue! 
With our YGs, the depth with the Momentum is unbelievable. Truly a walk-in soundstage.
So, if you want to give it a go, give us a call or email!

Disclaimer: dealer in San Diego, CA (