Vitus RI-100 as the RS-100

Hello everybody! Have a nice day!
Tell me please, is integrated amplifier Vitus RI-100 the same as power amplifier RS-100 at their power output-stages, or there are some differences of?
Is it possible to configure any inputs of RI-100 so to its output stage receives the musical signal bypass the preamp section and it would works as power amplifier the same as RS-100? How can I adjust it in the menu?
I've already written to Hans Ole Vitus about, but unfortunately he don't answer for a long time, might because my English is terrible :)))

I've listened Vitus rs100+rl100 with Sonus faber Stradivari a lot and it was the great match. But there aren't any rs-100 amplifiers at european second-hand sites, however there are a few ri-100. I think about.

Thank You advance!
The Most Sincerely!