VISTA users.

I just installed VISTA but little bit confused.

How are you connecting your PC to your Audio system?

I guess you still use the USB out to connect to your outboard DAC using devices such as HagUsb, U24?

If so, What kind of USB to SPDIF device are you using?

Do you need still need to install the driver that came with the device?

Vista automatically detects it or something without any additional drivers installed?

What's the KS: USB DAC?

Here's what I have:

Software: Windows VISTA Ultimate and Itunes 7.2
Hardware: M-Audio Transit (USB to Outbord DAC device), Meridian DAC.
You really do not need extra drivers using Vista. I can connect mine two ways. One using the USB device output in the sound device menu or the Digital output device(spdif).

You can select kernel streaming as your output for the playback software you use(if it has this option).

It will probably be easier to use the WMP for playback as it is basically plug and play like Itunes is for MAC.The WMP is much better in Vista than it was in XP.
what do you mean by "the Digital output device(spdif) output"?

From an internal soundcard?
No not necessarily....well maybe. If you do not already have the Sigmatel High Definition CODEC in your sound device menu. You can go here and download the driver. That's if you have an integrated Intel Desktop Board with Sigmatel in your PC. The CODEC allows you to choose from 8 different sampling rates 16 and 24 bit from 44.1kHz , 48 kHz, 96 kHz up to 192 kHz.

Does your PC have a coax or optical output built in?
I see... Well, that's the onboard or internal soundcard you are talking about.

People have been saying that you get better sound with USB out to USB Device to outboard DAC.

My question is on that route...

Can you tell me little more about your "using the USB device output in the sound device menu"?

What device are you using? You still don't need a driver for the USB device? what's sound device menu?
I use a USB Dac.So no need for the extra USB converter. I pick USB Audio Device as my default output device in the sound device menu. I have used in the past the Trends Audio UD-10 USB converter. It doesn't need any special drivers installed either. The PC recognizes it from the start.

The sound device menu is in the right hand corner of your screen. Just right click on the speaker icon and left click on sound devices. This will bring up the menu.

The on board HD sound card codec is good enough, to make it very difficult to hear a major sound quality difference. They do sound different, but the on board is really not all that bad.

When I feel experimental, I run a toslink and USB cable to my Dac from the PC. I can switch from USB to spdif at will.
I see. It doesn't detect my M-Audio Transit. I guess that's one problem.
I'm not familiar with that unit. Does it require a driver? If so you may need to install it. That or get a USB DAC or USB converter which is recognizable.
Too bad Vista is so expensive. I have it on my main desktop, but my music desktop is Win XP. Is Vista's handling of digital sound really that much better than the combo of XP + ASIO drivers?
M-Audio Transit drivers do not support Vista yet. Keep an eye on the m-audio website for the new drivers.
I heard about 'USBaudio.sys' Windows native driver?

Can I use transit via USBaudio.sys native driver?
How about give it a try Eandylee. The USBaudio driver does support more than what's listed on the website. The demo copy is free. There's only one way to find out.
The question is how do I get my audio data played by Itunes, Foobar, Winamp whatever application go through USBAUDIO.sys to my USB device???
The question is how do I get my audio data played by Itunes, Foobar, Winamp whatever application go through USBAUDIO.sys to my USB device???

I guess I Nedd AISO4ALL?


Foobar -> AISO4ALL -> USBAUDIO.sys -> Out to USB device?
OK. Here's a few things I found out.

ASIO by pass USBAUDIO.sys. that's what it's desing to do.

I think M-Audio is not designed to work directly with USBAUDIO.sys.

On the other hand, Benchmark DAC1 is design as plug & play with some sort of fimrware to use the native driver, USBAUDIO.sys.

by the way, Anybody know if ASIO4ALL pass through DD/DTS?