Visiting audio stores?

This is probably the last concern on many people's minds, so I'm raising this just in case anyone feels like relaying their experience.

I've become pretty cautious about where I go and why. So, for me, I'm not going to any audio stores to listen to gear, out of caution about the virus. I do feel concern for these stores and how it will impact them. Are folks going? Anyone running an audio store who wants to comment? How are you coping? Are you changing any policies or running any more sales online? Changes in trial periods to help more people try out gear remotely?

Again, this is a minor concern given the larger dimensions of this virus situation, but I thought I'd reach out with a question.

Do you think that the set-up of U.S.A. may help a bit when compared to Italy, Spain, China, and the rest of the Europe for that matter?

Maybe life in cars and suburbs does have some advantages, after all.

Covid-19....sounds like a new Dac.
All we can do is follow the doctors orders and smile.
Really screwing up my work and I am a lucky one. How are the Hotel and Restaurant folks going to survive? 
Prepare for the worst,  expect the best.
So, this thread is not about cables? 
Heck no!

It's a fuse thread, can't you tell?