Vishay resisitors

Has anybody out there bumped up their pre-amp volume control with Gold Point, Vishay resisitors, and if so how would you discribe the results of the installation?

gold point and, if I an interpreting correctly..expensive custom value vishay foil resistors?

I’ve done it with other high grade non-magnetic resistors, but not custom foil values. I say custom as IIRC, you’d have to spec them, as the catalogue does not have normally have the requisite values in stock.

It makes a difference, a big one, IF, and I say IF many of the other windows are cleaned.

Think of it as a series of stacked window panes at a various levels of clarity, or as a bucket with many many holes. As we patch up the holes or clean individual panes, the bucket begins to effectively hold water and one can begin to see more than just shade through the window stack, but shapes and color. Detail.

the closer to perfection, or removal of hole, or cleaning of panes, the more effective each hole repair or window pane cleaning seems to be. that each repair or fix becomes more effective to the ear, or a greater percentage of the residual problem set. 

SO, in effect, if it is going into a amp or preamp with no other work ever done, then it will be noticed but not so much. But if the gear itself is almost perfected before hand, then the pot change is a bigger percentage of the residual unwanted error, and thus has a seeming greater effect.
I only tried Vishay Naked Foil in my phonostages and they are superb! 

Now i replace load resistors almost on any phono stages (if i can) to Vishay Naked Foil from Texas Components (buyin' them from the manufacturer direct on ebay from USA). 
Sounds like you're a Great White Northener.

LoL, Why? 
Very close to Finland in mother Russia