Visa Tranaction Suspended for Unusual Activity

A Company that I ordered (phone call) a power cord from notified me that when they charged my Visa credit card, the charge was rejected. My Bank also notified me that the Visa card tranasaction was suspended because of "Unusual Credit Card Activity”.

The Bank said "We detected unusual activity on your credit card. For your protection, please verify this activity so you can continue making credit card transactions without interruption”.

I immediately called my Bank and approved the transaction. For security purposes, it seems, Visa suspends transactions from company’s that you have not purchased from before. I did not know this but I do support the policy. It is a good security protection from fraudulent uses.

I wish I had know above it before so I could call Visa to approve the purchase transaction before I made it.

Has anyone else experienced a transaction suspended for unusual credit card activity?
They likely were perplexed as to why anyone would buy a power cord for $6,000. It HAD to be a scam, right?
(joking - sorry, couldn't resist)

This happens periodically with my Discover card, not for purchases form new companies, but whenever I travel far from my home town. I appreciate their effort as it is easily resolved with a quick phone call.
I had this happen last year on Record Store Day. I hit several stores just hours apart and spent like $200-$300 in each store.

I got a text message asking me to approve the transactions or call my credit card company. Pretty cool if you ask me. I like to think that they have my best interests in mind.
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Yep, This has happened several times. Gets even more frequent if you buy from Europe.
Yes, I've had it happen several times, mostly when traveling. It can be really annoying in these situations. You're thousands of miles away from home and your card is shut down for suspicious activity. I even had it shut down once for suspicious activity after I arrived back home after being gone for several months. I do understand and appreciate that they are questioning activities taking place so far apart, but sometimes it can be a nuisance too.
I have had "that call" too, and on three occasions in the last
couple of years it was because of fraudulent charges. On one Saturday
morning alone, three charges (all local) totalling in excess of $2,100. Big
kudos to AMEX for catching this, shutting down my card, and not holding
me liable. I sure don't mind the inconvenience even when a legit charge is
American Express is not blocking my large transactions but rather sends me warning email. Recently I purchased Furnace, AC etc for $11k - no problem, only warning message. American Express is also better than Citibank Visa in foreign travel. Visa requires me to call them (otherwise card does not work), while American Express traces pattern of purchase like Airport, another Airport one town then next town instead. Credit Companies protect themselves since I'm not responsible for unauthorized charges as long as I haven't lost my card. Some companies make it very difficult for user suspending any "suspicious" transactions sometimes going too far.

Kjweisner, you would not be responsible for those charges anyway - no need to be grateful to anybody.
This has happened to me with both Mastercard and AmEx. AmEx once cancelled my card because the transmitting terminal in a gasoline pump malfunctioned and sent multiple pre-charge holds on the card I had used at the pump. I understand their need to reduce loses but cancelling my card for that was a bit excessive IMO. Having to replace credit cards and contact online vendors with whom you store credit card info is a good bit of trouble. I've gotten in the habit of calling my credit card company in advance when I make a large purchase from someone in another state.
I was called last week about 4 transactions made on my card. Three of them I made but there was one for $10 that I didn't make and that was the one that stood out to them. It was the test run for whoever had my number. Had they not caught that one, the next transaction would have been a large transaction. That's how they do it.

My wife had a call from Chase last year asking her if she just spend $3500 on art work in Ireland. Ummm, no.
Happens occasionally. NBD. It is a PITA if you are traveling abroad and they put a hold on your account but so easy to call VISA while you are waiting at the gate at the airporton your way out of town.
I have had it done several times, particularly spending on the card abroad and a good thing too. Recently my card was cloned and about £16000 put on it, in short order. The card was blocked, the transactions were cancelled and I did'nt lose anything.

I am sure they have computer algorithms that pick out a different pattern of activity. I try to let Visa know, when I am going abroad, to avoid the card being stopped