Virtually no bass from my Elite DVD player in SACD

I have a Pioneer Elite 59avi universal player. When using the analog 5.1 outputs I get virtually no bass. When using the digital output, bass is normal.

processor is Parasound C1 with 7.1 direct input. All wiring is high quality.

Wondering if I have to set my speakers to small on either processor or DVD player to enable sub to impact more.

Only an issue using the 5.1 output. Movies, CD's, and DTS 5.1 recordings sound great out of the digital output.

Any ideas?
First, not all SACDs have an LFE (.1) channel.
Second, the bass on some players needs to be boosted for SACD (by up to 10dB) in order to match levels from other sources.
Third, setting your speakers to small will divert bass from them to the sub. This may or may not achieve what you want but you easily can try it.

I thought Kal was going to say it, but he didn't. Check the speaker settings in the player; they should all be set to large, with SW On. That passes ALL the signal on the disc to the pre/pro.
I am getting virtually no bass on all 5.1 SACD, DVD-A, and DTS 5.1 discs. Including bass heavy DTS recordings such as Eagles Hell Freezes over. IF I switch over to the digital output- perfect. Switch back to 7.1 input - very small amount of bass. The Pioneer elite only allows a bass boost to +6db which is still outputing virtually no bass.

You got it! It worked - I am in bliss and am sleeping better at night. Thanks for your insight.