Virtual Systems Picture Order

Hi all, I finally put up a system and became incredibly frustrated when trying to order my images.  After my initial posting, any edits scrambled the order of the images and no amount of dragging could rectify the situation.  Eventually I discovered that they were being listed in reverse alphabetical (or numerical) order according to the file name on my laptop.

I rectified the situation by deleting all images, renaming the images on my laptop with a number and having my top/public image be the largest number ("15.jpg" in my case), my worst/least important image having the smallest ("1.jpg"), and then re-uploading.

I'll note that this may only apply to images added from a local computer.  I didn't try other sources.  
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And then don't change any captions.  I just did and it bumped that file to the top making it the public image of the system.  Wow.
I just dragged and dropped each picture to the order I wanted after I edited each caption. Did take me a while to figure out that's all you had to do though. 
@glennewdick The dragging/dropping option doesn't work at all on my computer.  Do you use Chrome on Windows?
It does change the order, but when I hit save, it just reverts to whatever order the server wants.