Virtual System in a tranquil room

A long time ago, I saw a Virtual System in a bedroom that looked so tranquil and inviting.  As I recall, it was a large bedroom with hardwood floors that had a step up or two.  There was a Music Reference RM9 on a bureau, a step down, and then a bed with a white bedspread.  It was minimalist and very nice.  I guess they must have removed the system or made it unavailable to view.


What is your favorite Virtual System?  


Ok, this post hasn’t gotten any traction at all, and while I can edit the post itself, I cannot edit the title of it.


So, in case anyone views this, let’s make this a free for all discussion.  Maybe post pictures of yourself, your family, your pets?  In this crazy world we find ourselves living in now where civil discussion seems to have gone out the window, let’s make it kinder, more personal, and more real.  

The floor is yours to discuss anything you like - audio or not…. Or maybe I’ll just ad a bunch of posts here so it looks like someone is actually conversing here besides myself :)