Virtual Dynamics vs Tesla

Has anyone experience with both VD and SR cables? I'd like to know how these brands compare, especially the Revelation and Genesis line of VD against the SR Tesla Acoustic Reference through Apex (interconnects, speaker cables and/or power cables). I have Genesis IC and I like it soundwise but it's very hard to manage. Also very expensive to cable a system with all Genesis. Thanks!!

I'm currently using both mentioned brands of cables in my system. I love the VD rev-2 and Genesis but recently slowly liking the SR cables more for its easy to manage in spaces and once matching them correctly will give you a much more spacious open sound over the VD's. The VD Genesis PC and IC are one of the best as Im still using them alongside the SR but I have found wiring the whole system with SR cables and getting them right is in another level. I recently did a shoot out between the Genesis Vs Tesla Apex speaker cables and found the Apex to be more open with a taller image placement and more insight into the music although the Genesis gave more bass control and dynamics. To be honest, a whole system wired with SR cables through their Powercell 10se which I also own is a winner.
Hope this helps.
I owned a complete Vitual Dynamics Rev 2 cable system.
I now own a complete Synergistic Tesla series Cables.
Please view my system.

The Synergistic cabling brings the music out of the speakers and into the room, something the VD cables could not do.
Ultra Clear is better than the Gen. IC. so say some ultra wire users that have the Gen. IC

Ozzy, there is a big difference from the Rev/Gen. as you know.

Flash, What VD Gen. SC did you have 1.0/1.1/2.0.

I have a Gen 2.0 SC on order and I will hear if it beats out my JPS Aluminata.
Thanks guys, your comments are very helpful. Glory, are you saying that Ultra Clear is better than Genesis 2 RCA?? The Ultra is listed 999.00 and the Genesis 2 RCA 7,225.00 on VD web site. Don't you think this is really odd??

They are the VD Gen 1.1. Interesting that you are using JPS Alu and going to the Gen 2. I alway want to try their Alu PC's but never got the chance.... what are your views?.

JPS Aluminata is an outstanding wire with a BLACK noiseless background. In my system it may be a bit dark and dull sounding but that remains to be seen/heard.

$$$ for the VD UC has nothing to do with the breakthrough technology that is used to run past the Gen. IC. I feel I don't want to cast my pearls before swine on this one so yes you are right, the Gen. IC for all the big $$$ is much better than the little $$$ UC.

According to Rick there is a huge difference between the 1.1 and the 2.0 Gen. SC. We shall find out now in my system how it stacks up next to the JPS wire.

I love to read the many members here on this site that think wire X beats out wire Y only to find out 120 days later that wire X sucks because wire Z smokes it. Wire Z is the in wire only to find out the wire Z is now called ZSE and thay my friend is the way this game is played. Because the ZSE is now ZSE Reference and that of course is a better wire because it does XYZ better than the ZSE.

So VD Vs. SR is a real trip if you ask me as it means nothing until you hear the newer Reference called the Reference Supreme wire soon to be released in the Spring of 2010.
We all are spending way too much on cables and with designers always coming up with newer models supposibly better than the old, we are just suckers within their game. Theres always a new flavour of the month and everyone's system/ taste in sound differs so much.
A old audiophile friend told me once that if a hardwear component is designed correctly, it eliminates the real needs for exoctic fancy cables to untimately alter or change it's original sound. Just my opinion but I'm also one of those suckers :)
Glory, I agree with you 100%. There is always a bigger fish and trying to find out what's the very best cable out there is kinda foolish.

However, I initiated this thread only to find out if the SR Tesla cables were in the same league as VD Genesis 1.1 cables that I know and are my current references. It seems to be the case and that's good.

I wanted to find cables that are easy to manage and didn't make me miss the Genesis sound. At least not much. I like to try a tweak from time to time and VD cables make that a struggle. After a few months in my system, they had wore me out a little. I guess most people don't care...

Please keep us updated about your impressions on VD Genesis 2.0. You're gonna be one of the first to try it!
I had an all VD system, consisting mostly of Genesis ICs and PCs with Rev speaker bi-wire cables. I found the VD cables to produce a lot of energy, but unable to resolve innermost details in a meaningful way. I kept getting the feeling something was missing, and I even discussed this with Ric, who I consider a friend.

After demoing a number of cables, including Stealth, I found what I was looking for in the SR cables. I went to an all Tesla SR system, including the Powercell 10-SE. I now have the resolution and imaging I was missing, with a more organic, musical and life-like presentation than I ever had before. I also don't have binding posts in danger of snapping off due to cable weight. You can see my system under Fplanner2000.

The SR cables have definitely taken my system up a few levels from where it was before. Yes, cables do make a difference, but the only way to tell is to try them in your system. I fortunately had a very good dealer that made my experimentation a lot easier than it might otherwise have been. Good luck.
Fplanner, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I have this feeling that something is missing in my system and I think this is probably cable related.

I can't demo many cables where I live. I had the opportunity to listen to the Tesla Precision Ref SC recently and I liked it very much. That audition drawn my attention to SR cables. Very musical and life-like like you said.

I'm moving out to a new apartment now and the system is disassembled. When I get everything in place, I plan to order some Tesla cables and report my findings. I'm also gonna put my system description here with pictures.
the differences you mentioned from the Genesis level has improved with incredible inner detail with the new Ultra-clear.In fact the difference is 4-6 times as much in resolution and info.At no time is the Ultra-clear strained dynamically or compressed in anyway !!I am running a complete Genesis system with 2 Exodus p/c on my source components ( Exodus raises the bar in openness and resolution of space).The Ultra-clear is a bargain when you compare it to Genesis or any other high end cable, as far as cost is concerned.Even the cheaper version of the Ultra-clear beat my Genesis XLR ( technology does move forward).Highly recommended_Cheers Dennis
Hi Dennis-
It doesn't surprise me at all that Rick went in this direction. When I switched away from VD cabling he mentioned he was germinating some new ideas to improve in the areas I thought were lacking. From your report, it sounds like he has succeeded with these improvements, and at a reasonable cost to boot! Good for him and for you VD owners.

I am quite happy where I am for now - actually a bit beyond that as I am currently breaking in a new APL-NWO Super-DAC prototype w/20 32-bit 2nd generation AKM DAC chips, tube output stage, etc., etc. I just got it yesterday and I'm just smiling......
Although not at the level you are asking... I had my system cabled with VD masters... up from Cardas golden presence. They were sooo much better in every way I'd planned to work my way up the VD line.

But then trying to fit them in the system, bending and wrestling... and even after getting it right and having them supported the weight and tension from the cables broke connections on my CD player and on my amp. I'd had enough.

So I tried Synergistic... accelerator and a combo of accelerator and acoustic reference. Let me tell you.... the difference was astounding. Nothing I've ever done to my system has made that much of a positive change. More detail and resolution across the board, deeper more details bass, air and air and more air, holographic soundstage that was wider and deeply layered.

The only bad thing is... now I must have more! I want to switch my PCs to SR.... trade my power conditioner in for a powercell 10SE.... and then work my way up the cable line to the Apex.

Not sure if that helps any since I didn't have the genesis... but so far it seems to be the consensus that level for level, SR is coming out on top.
The VD Genesis are awesome cables so are SR. I've mixed them to great effect... front end genesis pc and XLR balanced gives me more dynamic and control over Hologram D and apex but pre/pwr are all SR and powercell 10SE. Speaker cables are VD Rev-2.

Regarding Virtual Dynamics, does anyone know what their status is? I can't get onto their web site. works for me.
works for me too