Virtual Dynamics vs Maple Audio cables

Looking for comments on these 2 Canadian brand of cables. Do somebody have any experience with them and are they a good value ? Need the complete package: AC, Interconnect and speaker cables.

Ayre CD-7
Ayre AX-7
Jm Lab Electra 936

The Virtual Master series cable is capable of incredible resolution ,I would say that it competes very well with the Elrod pc.The interconnect and the speaker cable are renowned for there musical presentation as well as the ability to soundstage that is only limited by the venue that was recorded.I have not tried the other cords but they must be good since they are made in Canada as well!!, I would try to demo the cords in my system before I made my choice, contact each manufacture and see what their audition policies are.Good luck Dennis
An Audiogon buddy here and I did a shoot out between two CD players - the Music Hall MMF25 and the Cal Alpha/Delta combo.

Initially, the Cal rig was running Virtual Dynamics interconnect, and the MH was using HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace. The two were neck and neck, although the Cal was ahead by a hair. Switching cables then totally had the Cal winning hands down.

The difference was the HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace, it was clearly superior to the Virtual Dynamics cable. Within a few weeks, my friend bought the Silver Lace for his system. No higher recommendation can be given than someone putting down his money.
My friend bought a set of Virtual Dynamics Nite II interconnects and speaker cable. It is very fast clean and dynamic and reminds me a lot of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II cables. His system consists of a Musical Fidelity CD player Krell 300il intergrated amp and Triangle Celius speakers. Even though this setup might be expected to be too forward it is well balanced and musical.