Virtual Dynamics vs Gabriel Gold

Does anyone have any experience with both these cables. I have the GG revelations and am looking to move to the VD Revelation 2's.
I think you might compare the GG Rev. MK2 to the VD Rev.V2 to make it fair.

The GG Rev. is a very good cable but the MK2 has some added qualities that makes it a better cable.

You may have the GG at an asking price that will hold back some buyers IMO.

Go ahead and buy the VD Rev 2.0 on the 'Gon (tweekgeek) and report back to us what you hear between the two cables.
there is a pretty big difference between the original revelation and the mk 2 version.I had the original and now have a pair of mk 2.I recently bought a pair of Extreme mk2 and sorry to say I think they are even a bit better than the original revelation.Gabriel cables just keep getting better.I agree with glory if you like the revs you should consider the mk 2 version before you jump ship.
Thanks for the responses........I will take it into consideration, and may wait till I know more before deciding. I know my price is a little high, I think that reflects my hesitation to sell.