Virtual Dynamics Revelation-2 speaker cables

Just wondering if anyone know how long the break in time for the VD Revelation-2 speaker cables since I just plugged them in the system 2 days ago and how much improvement should I expect? As they are new...they sound abit conjested and not very dynamic/detail. I also have the Revelation-2 XLR interconnects but they are broken in as demo cables.
Thanks in advance.
200-400-hrs--be patient they will sound great --rich
I agree - it takes a while. An idea is to leave your system on overnite - I found this a quick way to put hours on the cables. I have recently changed cables thoughout my entire system away from VD, but am keeping my Revelation bi-wire speaker cables because the synergy with the rest of the system is tremendous. In other words, you have very good speaker cables - be patient and you should be rewarded. Note that you will probably go through several "break-in" periods with these cables and they won't be fully broken in until probably 700-800 hours. Good luck.
Leaving the system on has to include playing music, or pink/brown/white noise constantly for that period. Play a CD(with a lot of bass content) on repeat, with your speakers close together, facing each other, and ONE with it's polarity reversed(flip the cable connection at the terminals). That will cancel most of the sound and keep you from going nuts over the monotony. Most of my cables/interconnects have gone through some strange changes during burn-in. Don't get worried or critical until they've got a couple hundred hours on them at least. The above process only applies to speaker cables, as the amp needn't be turned on for any of the interconnects to burn in.
Well, I own a AudioDharma Cable cooker. Getting these cables to cooperate to shape and hook them into the cooker was quite a task. I ended up making 10 gauge jumpers.
It probably took several hundred hours even after cable cooking them before they sounded there best.
Anyway, be patient, these are some of the best sounding speaker cables out there.
(If you can tolerate the stiffness.)
Thanks for ther info guys. 5 days after they were plugged into the system and with palying a burn in tune on repeat over night from XLO test disc, the cables jumped into gear and is now more listenable. I can now see very good things to come with more hours under their belt....
My experience is the Virtual Dynamics cables (Rev & Genesis) need OVER 500 to 750+ hours on them to sound their absoulte best. You will get a good grasp of what they will do after 250 but over the 500 to 750 mark they really shine. I know a lot has been written both good & bad about their cables, but I find them to be the best I have ever used in my systems. Be patient & you will be rewarded.
Thanks Grr6001 for your input. The Rev.2 are getting better by the day and I must say they have a great synergy in my system. Weiss Jason+Medea, Krell KAS, Revel Salon. lets wait for the big bang in 500 hours+ and will keep you guys posted. BTW, I hate breaking in new cables...:)
I also received my Revelation Version 2 speaker cables 2 days ago. What an improvement over the Acoustic Zen hologram. The system sounds better than ever. There is a hint of brightness in the top octaves which I suppose will dissapear after the break-in period.

Flashunlock how does yours sound by now?


Did the cables got significantly better by the time you are using them? Which one of their attributes you think improved more?

Thanks again.
Anybody else that can comment on the sonic changes after the burn-in process in the Revelation 2 cables?



I went through hell and back with the cables during the break day, they can sound good and another absolute terrible. I used the Isotek disc to great effect whilst breaking in and I must admit even though I don't think I have covered 500 Hrs+ yet, they are sounding at least 3 times better than when new. You just wait for at least 200 hrs before you will get an idea of what to expect. The Rev-2 will not give you the widest soundstage compared to SR Tesla Apex but will give you sweet highs, layered mids and the most awesome controlled bass you will hear. Alot of other top branded cables might also give you the very last ounce of detail ( leaning towards being harsh) whilst the VD Rev-2 will give you inner detail within instruments coupled with speed and CORRECT timing. Something strange happened the other day when I unpluged all my cables for a clean up, once cables are plugged back in, the sound took another leap forward in performance. Please don't ask how and why as I'm still scratching my head......
BTW, I be interested in hearing your views with the Emm Labs CDSA-Se as I'm thinking of buying the one box or the SE combo.
Flashunlock thanks for your answer!

Im now at about 40 hours of break in and the sound has already changed a lot. Its like you described it. One day it sounds good and the other day bad. The highs have softened a lot and the resolution is increasing all the time. The best thing that these cables brought to my system is much more energy than my previous cables. The sound is so much more realistic. Also the soundstage is great so far with all the organs having their dicrete position on it. I cant imagine how can anything become and better.

As far as concerning the CDSA it is really an amazing player. It is the only player I have heard that it doesnt appear to have all the digital nasties of other player like brittle and annoying highs etc.
It is definetely a must listen if you are planning on moving on that category. It is the first time that I am really so excited about a digital source.

Greetings from sunny Greece,


Do buy the Isotek disc as recommended by Esoteric for break in. The use of this disc for 24 hours= 200-300 is that good. You will find much more energy as more hours are put through the cables. Expect the BIG bang about 400 hours nd your jaw will drop to the

What is going on with these cables is really weird.I'm about at 50 hours in the break in process.
Everything was going great, the cables kept improving day by day. The last two days there was something really wrong with the mid-upper frequencies to the point I thought something was wrong with the connections. I was really worried.
Today they sound great again.

Can someone explain why this is happening. How can a cable in the break in period one day sound bad and the other absolutely great?

Please help Im confused.


50 hours on these cables ain't ..... !
You need to put 200-400+ hours on these cables.
Be patient, (I know its hard).
Argyro, the good and bad will happen time and time again until they had about 400 hrs...Good things comes to those who wait...... :)
Ok guys thanks for the responses. I was started wondering about my listening
Guys I've almost reached 150 hours and today my jaw dropped for the first time! I had started getting really worried that I bought the cable, I even started getting worried about my system!!!

What a transformation throught these 150 hours!!!

I'm happy, and hate breaking in cables....heheheh
I'm breaking in a new set of speakers cables right now...different brand. I forgot what a pain it God I hate it.
>> 09-10-08: Wavetrader
>> I'm breaking in a new set of speakers cables right
>> now...different brand. I forgot what a pain it
>> God I hate it.

why in the world do you have to listen while the cables are breaking in???
The quality of power in the USA is really good (compared to other countries) & stable + many of you have s.s. gear so why don't you let the stereo play 24/7 for a 1-2 weeks at really low volumes to allow faster break-in (assuming you do not have a cable cooker)? (I had my system running for 3 straight weeks 24/7 to break in all the V-D cables but I listened to my bedroom rig all that time. Sure I missed my reference rig but I managed to hold off. This also allowed me to not get used to the V-D cables. SO, I had this step function switching from prev cables to V-D & I could directly assess if I had made a good choice or not. Believe me the V-D cables had to impress me otherwise they were going right back!).
You know that you have new cables so don't listen for 2-3 days after break-in initiation. Thereafter merely listen casually as you know the cables are breaking in. Why do you need to be compulsive??