Virtual Dynamics powercords How good?

Looking at upgrading a few powercords and i'm thinking of the Canadian company Virtual Dynamics due to a friends recommendation. Does anyone have experience with the lower end Power one, two, or three? Should i blow the cash right away on an Audition, David or Nite cable instead? Has anyone found their power conditioner to be redundant after putting the power cables in their system? Thanks.
I have two Power 3s. For the money I think they are fantastic cables. As with all fine things the Law of dimenishing returns takes hold. Although I do not doubt the performance of the Audition/David/Nite PCs. Is the 1000.00 PC better than the 200.00 PC? Probably. Is it 5 times better? Unlikely. Or better yet, can my system resolve well enough to tell the difference? Doubtful. So for me, at this time, the financial and system situation hold me to the Power 3 and I am happy with them.

I liked the Power 3 on my CDP and 2 channel amp. I tried a few inexpensive PCs on the CDP before settling, MIT Zcord, Transparent Powerlink plus, and SignalCables 10gauge. On the Power amp, I tried SignalCables 10gauge and the Transparent Powerlink Plus. I thought the SignalCable was doing great until I put on a VD Power 3. The Virtual Dynamics was more to my suiting right away.

The VC Power 3s seemed to have an open, and more resolved sound. A somewhat more pronounced lower octave and no limitations on the upper reach. I should say, if it isnt obvious from my system details, that I prefer a somewhat cool sound.

I still use conditioning, a lowly Monster Power unit. I have not auditioned higher end units yet, but plan to sometime. The Monster unit (hehe) made a dramatic and imediate difference in detail and lowered noise floor. Amps and Subs plug directly to the wall. Before the Monster unit (ha) I had ground loop hum. I had to lift the ground on my 2 channel amp. After the Monster was installed, I returned the amp to ground, and it was dead silent. So, even though it may be cheap, its at least doing a fine job of isolation.
I reccomend that you pick up smoe used Nite cables. These are great cables and work well with all components. I use them with Mark Levinson componnets, except for digital which I use Shunyata Black Mamba II, and the amps sound so much better then with stock cables. Good delas are out there on VD, NBS, and other brands who are offering new products. I use all my cables through a power conditioner except for amps. I may use the Richard Gray Substation though. Good cables are critical to get maximum power and finesse from componets. I reccomend VD!
On power amps, the Nite cable is awsome!
I had tried the Power 3 and Power 1's before moving up to a complete Audition cable package. In each case there was a noticable and definite improvement. I can't speak for the cables above the Audition but from what I've heard the Nites are excellent in every way. What I've noticed from the lower end cables (PC's) is that the bass seems to come alive if overly much in the 3's. With each step up you get better detail and top end extension. I have found that all tend to roll off the highs a little. As an example - if you play Deep Purple's Machine Head you will notice a lot of hiss from the master tape. This is all but eliminated from my system with the Audition cables all around. This didn't have quite as pronounced effect on my friends system to which we hookded the PC's to his Meridian mono-blocks and the IC's between his pre (Denon integrated) and CD (Arcam FMJ 23). The Arcam is much more resolving and extended than my own Musical Fidelity A3 CD. I much prefer the Arcam to my MF. Of course this can be fixed with an outboard DAC as the transport in the MF is excellent. See if there is a fellow A'goner in your are who is willing to drop by with his VD cables and try them out on your system. Good luck.
" Has anyone found their power conditioner to be redundant after putting the power cables in their system? "

I copied your quote because in my experience after market power cords being inserted into another maufacturers Power Conditioner can sometimes produce less than stellar results.
I beleive the term is called cascading filters, other A goners correct me if I am using the wrong terminolgy.

I have used VD Audition and Nite, as well as JPS Labs digital AC, I found all three to be great cords, but in all cases they sounded better straight into the outlet vs through my Power Conditioner, which is a Tice Power Block IIIC.

The only knock I will give to the VD cords, is they are large, stiff and bulky which makes placement of the cords so that they do not come in contact with your interconnects and speaker cables {very important in my book for ALL AC cords} , difficult.
I own a VD Nite Power Cord. It is really excellent and is as good as anything out there and probably cheaper. It is not bright or dark sounding, but the sound of your amp will be muscular if that is where you are planning to use it. I currently use mine on my Hovland HP-100 Preamp and it is very good. I have auditioned current generation Shunyatas (on the dark side-although they have a new one which is similiar to the VD Nite in sonic character). I should say that I bought mine factory direct on a super deal so it was very cheap. Plenty still out there being sold on Audiogon.