Virtual Dynamics Power Cord: Signature vs. Nite

Has anyone compaired these two cables? I am considering upgrading my Sigs. to the Nite PCs. Will it be worth it?
If you get the new speed of light nites the difference is huge. Vey open, great bass slam and crystal clear highs.
I have both.. I found the Nite PC to be totally different then the previous PC VD put out.. not sure.. The Signature always follewed the same path that most of the VD cables would do and that is the higher end you go the more detail you got. That was up till the Nite. The Nite introduced(in my system) more of a pleasing tonality.. Im not talking night and day(sorry for the PUN) ..however it seems to be a smoother cable the the Signature or Reference..worth the audition I say !

I have tube gear (Cary SLI 80), has anyone used the Nite with tube gear? What are the results?
Is the Nite worth the extra cash, is the sound difference worth the price?

Call rick and test it out.. needs 2 weeks to break in for a good demo

worth a test .. its free, the audition that is !

re tube gear: I use the Nite Power cords and interconnects with an EAR HP4 headphone amp, and a Berning MicroZOTL, (also for headphones). The results are stunning. This cable needs time to reach its full potential (don't they all?), but once it does...

I prefer the Nite interconnects to a balanced pair of Cardas Golden Reference interconnects I was using between a Creek CD53 and the EAR. The Cardas seemed to be constricting the dynamics in comparison.
I have recently received three Nite AC cords to demo. I will follow this post up with my insights.

We are looking forward to your results Tok20000.