Virtual Dynamics Power 3 V.S. MIT Z cord II???

Does anybody out there have any experience on comparing Virtual Dynamics Power 3 against MIT Z cord II??
I have a pair of MIT Z cord II with upgraded hospital grade connectors on my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblocks and I am wondering if I can improve their sound changing power cables and not spending huge amount of money on them.
Any advise?
I had the power 3's for a while but traded up to the Audition power cables which were much better. The 3's I found to be too bass heavy in my system and rolled off the highs too much.
The MIT Z Cord II's in my system (I owned 5 of them) didn't make an audible difference in my system.. When I went to Electraglide cables the difference was huge.. so I would look elsewhere. I still believe in MIT cables (on my video system) but prefer (Transparent on my audio system) but I feel the powercords are just cables with ferrite magnets.. Great resale value I only lost $50 a cable selling them..