virtual dynamics new ultra clear interconnects

hi guys
has anyone picked up the new interconnects?my system is 80%outfitted with Genesis cables which i love.the other day i was talking with Rick Schultz and he was telling me how these interconnects would make a huge difference with my system.Rick has always been a person i loved to deal with,i have been with him since the beginning.but before i pull the trigger i was waiting to get some feedback.after all i do love the Genesis gear i have.
I had a similar experience with my vintage H/K tuner. I sent it to a modder who replaced the older RCA inputs with current ones spaced apart to fit the larger barreled interconnects. You can probably DIY this yourself fairly easily and cheaply, especially if the interconnects are worth doing it for. Please keep us posted on the Ultraclear progress in your system.
Almost 48 hours, I can't believe what happened in the last 24 hours. These cables are incredible, they have gone from about 50% to 85% of the body/weight of the Genesis soundstage but in every other category are absolutly outstanding. I never thought my system could sound this good. I wasn't sure yesterday but todays a new day. Don't hesitate guys get these cables!!! I got 2 sets of the $599 RCA 1 meters and a 1 meter digital. If you frequent a soundstage or are a musician you will have to get these cables. I play in a Jazz band and its like I am on the soundstage with Kieth Jarret...
I also had the same experiences with this cable as far as break in is concerned.What amazes me more is how this cable makes the regular cd's sound like a xrcd ! This cable offers huge amounts of information over my Genesis with no hint of compression or fatigue.I must agree with Kozo on the soundstaging abilities of the Ultra-clear, in that you feel all of the musicians that are playing on the venue.VD has a real winner in this cable line and is probably the best value that they have ever offered.Good listening -Dennis
my cables should be here any day now
"A minor over sight with the Ultra-Clear interconnects; due to the larger diameter of the connector technology I cannot use them with two of my older FM tuners, or a passive preamp because the RCA female on the back of the passive preamp and tuners are to close together. The over sized connector will not fit next to each other."

Experienced same with a component I wanted to try the cables on and spoke to Rick at VD about it. He said a new connector is coming out that will be a narrower profile and will fit all components but have all same qualities. I would not mess or mod these cables. You would be better to call Rick to see if he can switch them out for you. - Eric