Virtual Dynamics Master Reference P/C's & Cables

I visited a friend of mine (non-Audiogon member, no computer either) who changed all his P/C's, speaker cables and interconnects to the entire line of these about a month ago. He called to tell me that he ditched his Shunyata P/C's and Hydra-8 along with some other top-of-the-line speaker cables and interconnects (he's had dozens, so I don't remember which on these) I told him to stop bustin my chops, he remarked "come over this evening, look and listen for yourself"
So I did, from 9pm. to 2am.!! His system: Well Tempered Classic with a heavy record damper ring and a heavier yet center clamp, an ARC Ref-2 Mk-2, Pass X-Ono Phono with Lloyd Walker motor drive, latest Cary 805-C monos (forgot which tubes) and Aerial 10T's (yes I know, I told him they shouldn't work well either) but they DID. They are just a "hold-over" till he gets his new Advantguarde Trio's !!
Needless to say, I was pretty damned impressed with how "QUIET" his system was without ANY power conditioning at all !! It sounded as quiet as my system WITH the Hydra and all my King Cobra's, Python's etc. He has everything plugged straight into the outlets !! Don't get me wrong here, I'm not getting rid of my Shunyata stuff, I love the sound, they're fabulous products that really set some standards for A/C and conditioning. I will say that CEO and founder Rick Schultz is raising the bar AGAIN. Take a look at his website, better yet take a listen like I did, you'll be impressed.
hello could someone tell me what the sonic differences are between the VD Nite II and Master Reference PC's ? how would either compare with the Elrod signature or statement PC'S ?
Head-fi member Hirsch did a detailed review and quite liked the Master series - the interconnects in particular -relative to his Nite II's.

See Hirsch's master series review:

and his earlier review of the Nites:
I realize these are fairly new, so some folks might not even know about them.
I can tell all you audioheads out there doin the hard and heavy serious listening that these Master Reference cords are world-class sounding. I had a few LONG revisit listening sessions (at Joes) now that everything is settling and breaking in and without a doubt, mind blowingly excellent, again no line conditioners, i'm still scratching my head.
These cords will be making quite a big splash before long, if they haven't yet. (For the few that have heard them well broken-in). Rick Schultz (genius) is really onto something here.