Virtual Dynamics Master bi-wire vs single wire

Is there a sonic difference between a Master bi-wire and single wire speaker cables?
Although I cannot answer this question from personal experience I did post the same question to Rick Schultz concerning the Revelation speaker cable. He recommends the bi-wire if your speakers are set up for them. He stated:"the single wire will offer only 80% of the performance of the bi-wire". He went on to say, however, that many of his customers do use the single wire on bi-wireable speakers and are happy. Hope this helps.
no difference in the runs the biwire is a double run of the single. I agree with Rick comment the biwire version with my speakers (B&W 801N S3) its worth the extra run. The more I use these cable the more I am really impressed with them they are fantastic but let me warn you run in is a big big job (well over 200 hrs) but worth it