Virtual Dynamics Interconnects. Any experience?

Has anyone had any experience with the Vitrual Dynamics interconnects? I am considering purchasing their Audition series IC. I have heard great things about thier PCs, but not much information on their ICs.
Very smooth yet detailed IC. Comes with locking RCA. They are stiff but can be easily bent, meaning they hold their shape once you adjust them.
I have the Nite Series IC which is his top of the line IC. I initially had the Reference Series IC and was very happy with it. This will be my last IC purchase because i think these cant be beat for the money. In my opinion any of Ricks products will make a big difference in a system. Buy with confidence.
I own the Audition IC's and the Reference speaker cables and Audition PC's. The Audition PC's took a REALLY long time to burn in. They were in a MOBIE burn in device for over 2 weeks. Like everybody else said, these cables are just wonderful. Interconnects act differently in every system, so you have to try them in your rig, but I found an overall improvement in everything from my fully Cardas cabled system. They are quite stiff and come with WBT crimp connectors (the best). You should get the Audition package to experience all the goodness that it can bring to your system. I know Audiogoner "Gunbei" is getting the Cryogenically treated Audition package. He should be getting them soon.
I have the Signature ICs which were very good and then I got them cryogenically treated. Even better. Pls see my input on the "Has anyone tried Virtual Dynamics" thread. The Virtual Dynamics are very, very good and I don't know how you could beat them for the price.
Are the Virtual Dynamics (PC and IC) going to make much of a difference with REGA gear (Mira and Planet 2000)? Does REGA have the sonic quality within them to realize the difference quality cabling can make?
Stbhorn, YES. PC's will make the biggest improvement and IC's will also contribute. I noticed the biggest improvement with Auditon PC and Audition IC on the CDP.
Buckingham, what kind of improvements did you notice with these cords? What kind of gear do you have? Thanks for the feedback.
You can see my system here My System

Initially I noticed that the cables were much more resolving than the Cardas. After about a month of break in, they sounded perfect. For the ICs I used the MOBIE cable cooker and for the Reference speaker cables I just let them play all day. More air, more resolution, more of everything. If there is a weakness in your system these cables will tell you!! These arent't forgiving like the Cardas cables are... They let everything through, as it should be in a balanced system.
You have that set up in a dormroom!? You must have chicks crawling all over you! Sweet system! Where do you go to college?
Hey Stbhorn, your comments made me laugh :) I rent a master bedroom in a house close to campus that is about 20L X 13W. The dimensions of the room make it perfect for a bed, desk and system. I removed the closet doors to add 3ft of depth to the room and put my rack in the extended section. The speakers have more breathing room this way and increased the imaging HUGE. I go to the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada. It's about an hour away from Toronto, Ontario. I study Molecular Biology/Biotechnology and work in the Computer sector on my Co-op work terms.

Please let me know what cables you get as I'd like to hear the results/effects in your system. All the best, Eric.
Eric, I installed the cables yesterday, two Audition PCs (CD and amp) and one set of Audition ICs. These cords are huge, physically! I notice some detail increase and a bit more bass, nothing real dramatic however. Will I hear more improvements with time? I am a teacher in Louisiana. Have good weekend,
Hey Stbhorn, your findings mirror my findings. I've had them the whole package with some Ref cables for over a month and only recently have I had a session when I actually jumped out of my chair with a huge smile on my face! The depth is just wonderful now and the soundstage is so right. Keep them running and enjoy.
Hello fellas. I've had my cryo'd Audition cables and cords on constantly and playing throughout the day since they first arrived 11 days ago. When I first installed them I was stunned at the enormity of the soundstage and how everything was rendered so three dimensionally. While being very smooth, they were also a bit on the icy side, but many days later, they are starting to warm up. The Sylvania 6SN7 VT-231s I installed this past weekend in my preamp are helping too. After coming home last night, I noticed that my system has taken another big positive step forward during the break in process.