Virtual Dynamics - David vs Nite II vs Master

I tried the David series - digital connect, XLR IC's, SC's and PC on my CDP. I liked them but decided to get the Nite II instead - more $ must be better? I still like the Nite II's more than some previous brands I tried, just not sure if I like them more than the David's - however, it was a few months between the David and the Nite II (using Transparent Ultra XL's) so I am going by memory. I'm considering the Master series. Has anyone compared the 3 levels in the same set-up within a reasonable time frame? I read that Master is a big jump from Nite, but not sure if they meant Nite or Nite II. Thanks for all any feedback. Jim
I have traveled the same path...and yes the Master series is a significant step up from the Nite II. Nuance detail, imaging and silent background all improve while maintaining the completely natural 'house sound'. I am in the process of replacing my entire Nite II XLR and AC cables to Master. Enjoy. Peter
Go Masters, You will not be dissappointed.
Do you get a green jacket with the master cables?
Frankly, I was not impressed with the Nite II cables. I felt the Audeince was much more musical. I have had the orignal Nite power cords and then the Nite II cables in my system at various times and while they are clear and dynamic sounding (like the original power cord was) I never felt that the music real sounding.

Now my buddy is sending me his Master cables to try out and he told me he preferred them over the Audience by 20-30% so I will post again if I hear what he is hearing.

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I'm the Master buddy here.
I agree the balanced Audience was the best value digital I ever heard.
In my system the digital balanced Master had more jump factor (strong micro-macro dynamics) incredible clarity and focus, smooth and naturally warm all at the same time !
Yeah I'm impressed, I better be, for the price, but you'll forget about that once you hear them.
Another buddy of mine has his whole system done up with the new Revelations, talk about musical !
Hang on Bigkidz, I'll get yer cable out as soon as I can.
Thanks for the feedback. I've had the nite II XLR IC's back in for a week now. The sonics have improved the past couple days. This pair was straight from the factory vs. my previous pairs (David and Nite) were broken in before I used them. My impression now is that the Nite II's are an improvement on the David, but not as significant as the Davids were from my previous brand. I suppose the sound from one brand to another is more apparent than a level jump within the same brand.

Cable auditioning is quite challenging - it's hard to isolate an IC SC or PC individually. e.g. you may like SC #1 better than #2, but change the PC's, then SC #1 and #2 may not be so different, or the margin could really jump.

Sounds like everyone who tries the master series seems to like them. I guess my next step is try them myself.
Has anyone compared the VD Master to the Marigo Labs or Purist Audio stuff? If so, how did it compare?