Virtual Dynamics David vs MIT Shortgun S1


Currently using MIT Avt3-Biwire for the system.
Looking forward to upgrade to either:
MIT Shortgun S1-Biwire
VirtualDynamics David-Biwire

Any of you have tried both or either cable? Wants some ideas/suggestion about how these two cables will interact/results with the system and sounds like. I normally listen to Jazz (fusion, vocal) and some Pop music with focus on musicality(not critically listening audiophile) as well as first note bass sound.

Detail about my systems
Digital Source: SlimDevice Squeezebox3 (Wired LAN,FLAC)
Digital Cable: S/PDIF (can't remmeber brand ~200$)
Pre-amplifier: Stello DP200 (be both Pre & D/A)
Interconnect Cable: MIT Magnum M1 XLR
Power-amplifier: Ayre V3
Spkr Cable: MIT Avt3 Biwire
Spkr: MartinLogan Vista
Power Cable: Mixed VirtualDynamics PowerBasic/PowerThree
Room Size: 4mx7m with Diffuser/Roomtune


I currently have the David Bi-wires, formerly used MIT Term. 2 Bi-wire, however, my system was different then. I can say that the David's appear to be more open, transperant and better detail then my former MITs. They took a long time to break-in though. After trying 4 different bi-wires in the past in simliar if not lower price ranges, they are defintely the best for myself/system. I am not one on electronic matching so some else can help ya in that regard.......but, I have read several times that VD speaker cables match up real well with their power/interconnects when in the same system....

Thank you very much for your input. Now I have local dealer give home trial to VD David. In my current MIT Avt3-Biwire, the first note bass was somehow missing, just boom boom vibration with no note. As you said, but with VD David, those hole is fulfilled with very musical representation output. The connector for VD David is magnetic, very tight after lock in my amp connector. Anyway, I think VD did short fall on high frequency spectrum compare to my basic MIT avt cable. O'd love to get MIT Shortgun S1 testing head to head before make final decision though.