Virtual Dynamics

I tried numerous ICs on my modest system and yeah some were better than others but...

I am trying David XLRs and a PC and its pretty much knocking my socks off. Within reason of course. This combo has more impact in the vocal region than any of my previous cabling, including my old favorite (the HT Pro-silway IIIs, which I considered no slouch).

To top it off, I couldnt try the ICs right away. I bought them here on A'gon and the previous owner had twisted the connectors and sold me the faulty cables. VD not only repaired them free but turned them around with two weeks and even apologized too. They said, they are constantly improving construction techniques and quality. I realize the cable industry probably has sizable profit margins. At least once the R & D expense has been re-aquired. But come on, thats outstanding.

Anywho, these cables have a delicacy with female vocals like no other has before. Lots of detail everywhere and depth. Bass isnt in your face but its very natural with good pace. Snares, which have to date, always been a little weak in my system, have a nice rythmic snap. These cables have made a sizable improvement in my enjoyment.

I searched the archives and there wasnt much mention of these specific cables and I thought I might share. For whatever thats worth.
I have to agree with you there. I have just made my second purchase there ( david power cord to Nite 2 upgrade ) and was treated very well and got a very fair price. Very nice people to deal with....
I've been very happy with my Nite II pc. I may consider the ICs based on this thread.
There are other VD threads here on Agon, but I concur with both the quality of the service (Rick is great) as well as the outstanding characteristics of the cabling. I have Revelation bi-wire speaker cables and several sets of Revelation and Revelation Signature ICs as well as Revelation PCs and they create live performances in my living room whenever the system is playing. Unlike any other cabling I've heard, including PAD and Valhalla - the soundstage is unbelievable.
I'm with you. I did a total system change to VD David cables several months back with great success. My one addition would be added weight to the music, it just sounds more solid with these cables. They are great people to deal with as you say as well.
The more VD cables that you use in you system, The better it will sound.... synergy. Rick is a nice person to deal.
I like their power cables but could never buy any product from a company that features religious hyperbole so prominently in their marketing.
Viridian - I guess thats the great thng about living in our "free" society. You can choose not to buy their products for your reasons and they can choose to market their wares with whatever tactic they choose to. I'm sure Ric acknowldeges that some prospective buyers may shy away for just the same reason as you do but he's willing to "lose" those customers based on his convictions. In the end its truly wonderful that you both have that opportunity, sincerely...
I am currently auditioning a Virtual Dynamics NiteII digital cable(courtesy of Cable Company) and I've never used a better digital cable. It is expensive, yes, but is also outstanding. Beat by a very nice margin everything I used prior: AZ Silver Bytes, WireWorld Supernova 3+, 5+, Stereovox HDXV, Synergistic Research Phase2 X2, Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X2. The NiteII is just one s kicking digital cable! I never tried their ICs though, but I suspect them to be on par with their digital stuff. Best of luck.
I just felt like gushing a little. They really are working quite well in my system. I'm sure they arent for everyone, taking into account synergy and taste, but I am really enjoying these. I even got up this morning and had a short session of Jazz before work.

That was well said RGD and I fully agree. I remember a thread a year or so back in which Rick (of Virtual Dynamics) got pretty well roasted for espousing his religious beliefs. I think he got a little banged up about the technology and its its origination (if memory serves me) as well. Religion and politics are sure to galvanize.

A few Biblical names and a couple of quotes really doesnt make for prominent religious marketing. At least, in my opinion anyway. I am Christian so obviously I have a slanted opinion in the first place.

It wouldnt matter anyway. A good product coupled with outstanding service will always win my favor. I agree with Fplanner, the soundstaging is outstanding . With time, I am sure some shortcomings will become more recognizable. I am going to run in the cables some more today. During the repair VD replaced the connectors with new ones. I am sure they will change some with time. These have just shy of 100 hours on them so far.
The VD cables are great stuff. No doubt. But why they use these RCA connectors? They are pretty loose. I think I would prefer locking WBT instead of the Cardas. Just my opinion.
Interesting point about the religious connotations of the branding (especially in context with the company initals). It never crossed my mind, not that it would have prevented me from buying their products.
Clio, as I said, I am not familiar with their analog ICs and speaker cables, but I am extremely impressed with the excellent performance of their digital ICs. I don't know what digital cable you are now using with your Audio Mirror dac, but with my Bel Canto this VD NiteII coax is great. I wonder if it can work the same magic on yout TRL modded AM dac.
I have to admire a man who is willing to risk profits to his company in order to stand in what he believes and cares about. I would conjecture that most men are wimps when it comes to standing against the grain of society in what they believe. My guess is when Rick stand before Jesus Christ he will not care about anything down here on earth as he's rewarded the greatest reward...just my opinion!!

Anyway, I have 7 of the david pc for my home theater and they where world beaters when I had 10 sent to me from the cable company. It so clearly beat anything and even was everything the elrod sig 3 was but without that brightness. It was funny, cause I could have put everyone of the 10 power cords in a box and it would not had mattered what one I took out to put on my sub except the david. Nothing sounded different on the subs but the david. The David was able to give more detail and less boom. Must be the tech. of the VD cables???

The biggest disapointment from all the pc cables from the cable company was the Shunyata Python. What a joke! Not sure what the hype is about?? It was so bloomy and unnatural in the midrange not matter what it was put on.

Last week I put a VD rev signature digital on my cd/dvd and how sweet it is. Certain parts of songs that where harsh are not nearly as harsh to the ears. Natual and huge soundstage. It just replaced the AZ mc2 which is still a favorite in the $300 dollar range. This vd makes movies and such more relaxed and comfortable with these micro details now

My thumbs are up for Rick at VD for such good cables!
Audphile - I'm using a Cable Research Labs (old FIM taken over by TRL) digital cable terminated with Bocchino RCAs (as selected by Paul Weitzel). Excellent cable, but I will be looking for a set of ICs for my TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V, hence my ineterest in the VD line.

I also use CRL ICs between my preamp and amp. The DAC to preamp currently has RSAD Poeima!!! which I like as well. There is something to be said for standardizing, a school of though I once subscribed to, but part of the fun of this is experimenting. I may be tempted to give the VD digital a try if I see one come up used. Do they offer a trial period on new cables? I bought my Nite II pc used so I can't remember.
Clio, cable company offers a trial. It is a $600 cable though. That's the downside. But what it did with my Bel Canto DAC2, I can not even describe in words. I am not imagining this since several people heard the change. Biggest change this cable produced was to smooth out the sibilance in vocals. The detail is not lost at all. I would say there's more detail with this cable, but it is just smoother. Better bass, trebble, mids. Soundstage spanned at least 2 feet on each side and went deeper than I ever heard in my system. This cable took the DAC2 few notches up for sure. I think it will be very tough to find a used NiteII digital cable. Original Nite however is not in the same league, I've been told.
I have gone from David to Nite Platinum to Master LE 2.0 for power cords for my 2CH. Incredible cables and great people to deal with. At some point I will probably compare the speakers cables and IC's (all MIT Shotgun S1) to Master LE 2.0.