Virtual Dynamcis SPEAKAER Cable

I own a set of Virtual Dynamics ICs and PCs, how about their speaker cable? Anyone have any information or experience?
Also, has anyone compared their speaker cables to acoustic zen satori? Not that I'm getting rid of the satori. I'm just curious as to what model in the VD line starts to outperform the satori? I'm using VD power cords also.
I have recently upgraded from Reference speaker cable to Nite series and the improvement was excellent in all areas.
It seems as if the volume went up 3db, probably due to the ultra low noise floor. Bass is tighter and fuller with great definition. My WATT/PUPPY combo has no boom in the mid and lower bass any longer, acoustic and electric bass is much more organic sounding. Great separation of instruments with air and correct placement in soundstage.
I experience absolutely no fatigue from long listening sessions, the Wilson's can be fatiguing with the wrong cables and associated components. The midrange and highs are crystal clear, exposing details never heard on my system before with familiar material. The music just explodes from the speakers when called for, great dynamics, from delicate whispers to surging crescendos.
I usually don't like to be so enthusiastic, but these cables warrant the highest praise, in my opinion. I have had, in my system MIT, Transparent Ultra, Mapleshade Double Helix, Harmonic Tech Pro 9 and Truthlink, and TMC(very good for the price), and the VD cables are in another league.
I have always tried to use the same brand cable and IC's when possible, finding more coherence than mix and match.
I now have all VD power cords, IC's and speaker cable, mixing only series. Power 3 and Audition PC's, Audition and Reference IC's and Nite speaker cable, all cryo treated.
Do you find the cryo treated makes a difference?
Yes I do. It seems to take the edge off of digital recordings without losing any of the detail. Much more natural sounding with improved imaging and ambiance. I also find the differences between vinyl recordings and cd's to be much more distinct, for the better. I do not think VD is manufacturing any cables without cryo treatment at this point. They will cryo treat any of your cables for a nominal fee plus shipping, it takes about three weeks. Check with Rick at VD, they have excellent customer service.
I will not be looking for cables for quite a while, maybe an upgrade or two. I hope to get all Nite series eventually.
I forgot to mention the soundstage depth and layering increased dramatically, the speakers totally disappear with good sources. I've never, in my system, experienced this degree of layering, front to back and left to right. Every sound seems to occupy it's own space while remaining coherent to the main body of the music.
Hi Stbhorn. Two months ago I upgraded a menagerie of cables that included Cardas, Harmonic Tech, Kimber and Analysis Plus to an all Virtual Dynamics cryo'd Audition Package. I was using the Analysis Plus BiOval 9 for almost a year and sold them three weeks before the Audition Package arrived so I couldn't do a direct comparison. When the Virtual Dynamics did arrive, the first thing I did was to replace only the speaker cables with my old interconnects still in place. From distant aural memory my impressions were that the Virtual Dynamics were smoother and more open.

In my system I feel the most improvement came when I initially replaced my Absolute Power Cords with three Virtual Dynamics Power 2 PCs. The interconnects and speaker cables were definitely an improvement, but not to the same degree as the power cord upgrade, which was a gigantic step up.

Just as Rpw reports one of the most noticeable differences was the increase in volume, but that was going from the Absolutes to the Power 2s. I didn't notice as a much a gain when inserting the cryo'd Auditions, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of me upgrading to cryo'd Reference, Signature or Nites in the future.

Good luck!