Virt. Dynamics Power 2 break-in


Like many of you I recently received my VD Power 2's from the Power 3 recall.
Need your valued feedback re: break-in:

1. I have about 20 hours playing time on my cords.
Is this enough to realize the 2's max potential?
If more time is needed, what do you think I can expect to hear as I continue to break-in the cords.
In a perfect world, the bass would become tighter

2. With wife and kids, often times it's hard to play music at any volume. Do I need to have the volume turned up to listening levels to properly break in the power cords or can I keep the volume turned all the way down?

As always, many thanks for your time!
Hi Greh. I've owned three Power 2s for about 2 months and thought they needed 2-4 weeks to truly burn in. I can understand you not wanting to play your system loud because of the inconvenience to your family. If you want to break it in as fast as possible, I would consider placing the cord on your amp, as that compnent will probably draw the most current.

I just received a fully cryo'd Audition Package of Virtual Dynamics cables a week ago and am going through the break in process as well. I leave my system on repeat while I'm at work, and have noticed nice improvements over the last week. Straight out of the pizza box, the Virtual Dynamics have always sounded big and glorious. I marvel at the immediate and amazing transparency and soundstaging I get from these cables brand new. What I've noticed over time is that they become more refined, smoother and the center image focus begins to lock in.

Are you enjoying the Power 2 so far? What difference has it made? Have fun and enjoy!
Does the music have to be playing? Or does the preamp just need to be open?
I would think for faster burn in, if the amp is playing music that would accelerate the process because of the higher current demands during certain musical passages. I'm sure just having the amp on will help, but playing music would be better.