Virgo II vs Aerial 10t ?

I'm looking at making an upgrade and thanks to a super hectic schedule I'm having a tough time getting out their to do my auditioning yet!

I think mid may-early june might get me some free time, but till then I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on these two speakers.

I'd REALLY appreciate if only people that have listened to both would reply...its just that "owners" tend to over sell the speakers they own, and I'd rather read the opinion of someone who has had the opportunity to listen to both.

And if you have heard BOTH and think there is something better within the relative price point, then please let me know!

Hope your all enjoying your spring!!
Both are very good to excellent speakers, but they do sound somewhat different, have vastly different power requirements and each would work best in different types of rooms. Which one is better for you really will depend on your listening preferences, how well you can integrate either into your system and your room acoustics.

Also, one (the AP) is substantially better looking than the other.
Well said, Onhwy61.
Thanks for the info!
I system currently consists of the following:

Rogue Audio 66/88 (pre/amp)
Plinius 8200mkII (int)
(I switch it up but will mostly likely be selling whichever produces the less favorable sound with the new speakers)

CAL CL15 cdp
MusicLink Plus interconnects
SignalCable speaker wire
harmonic tech power cords

My music prefs are: Cyndi Lauper, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Paul & Mary, Patrica Barber, Cowboy Junkies, Miles Davis

My room is roughly 14Wx18L (speakers along the W wall)
No room tweaks as this is a rental appt which I'm only going to be in for another year.
Room has a hallway leading off halfway down the L wall, and a kitchen adjoinment on the back half of the L wall.

Its an appt. so bass isn't a huge concern, as I'd rather keep the neighbors happy:) although the walls/floors/ceiling are all cement and noise doesn't travel to badly (never heard a neighbor)

Looks don't matter to me.

If that helps!
You're probably better off with the Audio Physics model. The Aerial easily better the AP in deep bass, but everywhere else it's either too close to call or a slight edge to the AP. The Aerial also requires large, high current solid state amplification, the AP is more amp tolerant but they will not go as loud as the Aerial. I don't know for a fact, but the Rogue should mate well with the AP. Be sure to read the setup suggestions on the AP website.

Best of luck!