Virgo II's without AP's placement recommendations?

Hi. I was offered a pair of Virgo II's at a good price, but due to a non-local transaction I can't really audition them. My question is, if I don't have the luxury of using Audio Physic's recommendations of putting the speakers well away from the walls, how will they sound?

Basically, what I really want to know, is if I have to have my speakers close to the front wall (12 inches or so) are the Audio Physics a bad choice or do they sill sound pretty good their, and just better properly placed? Are there any speakers you might recommend that are good when placed near the wall?
They'll be fine. I used to own a pair. They'll be better balanced properly placed...but so will any speaker. My guess it'll shorten the depth some and maybe make the bass a little stronger...
I have mine situated so the back of the speakers are about 20" from the front wall and that works reasonably well in my narrowish 12x16 foot room. However the bass is not as linear as it would/could be if I could place them as per AP's recommendations. I think your chances would be better if they don't have to be too close to the side walls (due to the side-firing woofers). If that part of your room is wider than 12 feet, you should be able to get them to work well.
Thanks. Is there another speaker that would work better. The offer I have is to trade for the Virgo's, but I could also just sell my speakers and try to buy something else. I want something approximately the size of the Virgo's (small floorstander)... is there anything comparably priced that would be better in my situation? -Tom
I posted my opinion before regarding the AP's. Great speakers that can create a really deep, realistic soundstage. If you place them 12" from the rear wall... that's about how deep your soundstage will be.
I don't know what you are paying, but I assume you can get something like a Vandersteen (and others) for much less. You will have a speaker that is at least as good or better tonally and dynamicaly, and be far less finicky to electronics, cables, and placement. AP's are great speakers, but a lot of "work" -in my experience.