Virgo II owners: What amp to buy?

I currently run my Virgos with a Symphonic Line tube pre-amp and I'm looking to partner that piece with a new (or used) amp. I bought the Virgos based on a listening experience I had at a Stereophile show in Los Angeles. If I remember the Virgos were paired with a Rowland integrated. I've been trying to recreate that sound ever since (yes, I know I should have bought a Rowland integrated but unfortunately did not). I love my speakers but they can sound a bit bass shy at times and an amp that "rounds" the sound a bit and maybe adds a little warmth would be a good thing. That said I would hate to give up the soundstage and clarity the Virgo bring. Any thoughts?
A price/ would be nice.There are many good amps both SS & 2-bs in the classifieds.--How much 'ya wanna spend??
Excuse my stating the obvious, but why not use a Symphonic Line 7? You have the pre from the same stable... (v.good pre, btw).
Must be some used 7's around!

Incidentally, I once used a 7 on a pair of Virgos to very good effect I might add:)
Think about my Coda-Continuum Unison 3 Ultra ss integrated, selling on 'Gon for a nice price. Smoothest ss I've heard in my home. Plenty of current delivery for bass. Lightly used in a now-dismantled "third" system.
In the past, I was quite pleased with the Pass X-150 and X-250 amplifiers. Very good soundstage and bass control. Of course, as you note, the Virgo II is a little light in the bass overall which can compounded when the Virgos are placed in an overly large room.
My budget is under $2k if possible.
If the budget can stretch a bit, my experience suggests the Virgos work superbly with a (used) pair of CJ Premier 12 monoblocks.
My budget is under $2k if possible
Why not consider one of the Odyssey amps? They're quite affordable new and, reportedly, their design is from the same stable as yr pre.
I have Virgo IIIs and am using a recent Audiogon purchased ARC VT100MkII driven by my Bottlehead Foreplay III preamp. Best sound in my room yet. I auditioned these speakers in a NYC dealer with the BAT VK75 and what I hear now matches that.
I drive my Virgo IIs with a pair of KR Audio 6000 (22wpc monoblocks). I get what I feel is a tremendous sound quality, eclipsing my previous amps which were Blue Circle BC2 monos (65wpc Class A). My sense is that the virgos do benefit from a little more power that what I have, but I'd be weary of moving to more power while sacrificing the finesse and airyness I think I gained with the Kr Audios. A local dealer, who I trust, recommend moving to Audiomat stereo amplifier (35wpc I think it was). I believe new it would be $3000. That might be an option. I'd also consdier the older Pass Aleph line. I don't experince any bass shyness in my current setup. I used to have a Rel Strata II sub, used with the Virgos, but I quickly sold it because while I got more bass, the bass was unwelcome and seemed to color the music too much. I think the virgos when set up right with the right amps should not be bass shy.
One of the very best sounding systems at any price that I've heard drove original Virgos with a VAC Avatar integrated amp. In triode mode it was especially lovely, and in pentode mode it punched with more authority. The Virgo II is a great match to the KT88 version of the VAC Avatar, and it's a dead-simple, extremely musical setup.

Try the Channel Islands D200 mono block amps. I also own a Symphonic line tube preamp (Great preamp in my opinion!)and I think the Channel Islands amps work very well with it.
I used to own a Symphonic line Kraft 250 amp and I sold it after trying the Channel Islands Amps. They are $2300.00 per pair new and they offer a 30 day money back trial period.
I think the Kraft was a little smoother sounding and the Channel Islands is a little more detailed in my opinion.
Anyway, you have nothing to lose trying them.
Please let us know what you think if you try them.