Virgo II or Not?

Hi A-goners,

I recently purchased a set of speakers advertised as Virgo IIs, here on Audiogon but my pair does not say "Virgo II," only "Virgo". What is the distinction and how do I tell which version I have? Many thanks for any help. :)
Virgo IIs just say Virgo. I had a pair. It is unlikly you have an original Virgo unless it is an early one. You should call Alan Perkins or e-mail (US AP distributor) with the serial number, they will help you.
Plato, I agree with Joe_stereo. When I had Virgo II's nothing said it on the speaker. Heck, maybe were I's...they still sounded awesome !!!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're the IIs. The serial number is 2707 A/B, and I saw someone else advertizing IIs with a serial number of 2666. And they seem to have the correct tweeters. I just wanted to confirm that the IIs weren't necessarily marked that way on the speakers themselves.

If I get paranoid about it, I'll contact Alan Perkins as Joe suggested.

Thanks Guys!