Viola Lab.

Anyone heard the new pre and power amp combo from Viola Lab.? the look is fanastic.
The new Viola pre is very much like the Cello sound, for obvious reasons!

The new pre is amazing.

I will be posting some photos and experiences shortly!
I did listen to the cadenza and the symphony just when they arrived in paris and I can tell you that Tom did strike again!
you can clearly recognize the cello sound from old days I would say just a little tighter at the bottom may be. but even without the electronics broken in it was superb!
compare to the Cello Rhapsody the symphony should be just below but TBC.
The combination of the Cadenza preamp and Symphony amp is simply amazing, and it eclipses its Cello predecessors, in my opinion.
nothing to say,except amazing,they just stand alone in term of sound quality.