( Vinyl) Your latest purchase and where?

There are several ways to post music here. This will hopefully be another take on it...a way that we can be drawn into the "good feeling".

Some may know Carolina Soul from ebay, Discogs and the like. I made the trek to their downtown Durham, N.C. store yesterday. Bought two lps. I will say that my experience with the quality of their condition ratings are spot on, actually better that rated, in my experience. These guys are true vinyl fanatics.

I purchased the following,

The Chi-Lites  "A Lonely Man"  ($6.00) .. on Brunswick..Side one =  A 1, Side two = B 1.
Steve Gunn  "Way Out Weather"  (new) (a replacement for an inferior copy purchased on Amazon)

Other recent purchases:

The Remains "S/T" .. Sundazed  ( Mono)
Them "The Angry Young Them!"  (Mono)
Mount Moriah "How To Dance"
Kyle Craft "Dolls Of Highland"

Billy Joel - The Stranger 
Air - Premier Symptoms 
Miles Davis - Tutu
Black Star - Black Star

all from Reckless Records in Chicago, bought while visiting my home town last week.

Slaw, that Them album is great! I saw Them in ’66, and they were really good live too. I don’t have the Remains LP, but I’ve heard some of their stuff, and know they were the opening act for The Beatles on their East Coast dates in ’66. Sundazed is a great label, lots of reissues of 60’s albums and artists. All their reissues are high in musical quality, unlike imo a lot of Mobile Fidelity titles.

My new record store is a pretty good one, Music Millennium in Portland Oregon. Not as good as Ameoba in L.A., but with a separate room on the ground floor filled with LP’s, old and new. They’ll be seeing a lot of me.

My most recent LP purchases are first pressing (lime green Capitol label, "RL" mastered) copies of the S/T "brown" Band album in Mint - condition, ebay for twenty bucks (only one other bid), and their Stage Fright LP in perfect Mint condition for $16 (no other bids). It’s a shame The Band aren’t more popular, but makes getting their albums cheap easy!

My latest purchases have been new records from a Washington DC establishment called Hill and Dale Records.  They sell only new stuff and what they sell is well curated--new releases that aren't horrible pap, and old reissues from artists worthy of reissues (of course IMO).

But, my recent purchases happen to be of the truly oddball stuff that this store also finds that I would not expect to run across except by flipping through bins of records.  I got records of pre-revolution Iranian folk and funk and rock records and soundtracks from B-grade Indian horror movies ("Bollywood Bloodbath").  
Leonard Cohen - Recent Songs Promo
Parliament/Funkadelic - Best of Early Recordings

From Jupiter Records, Wilmington, DE   Right around the corner and as good as Princeton Record Exchange in every way! Cheers,
Ronnie Spector/English Heart, Peter Wolf/ Cure For Loneliness, Waylon Jennings/Honky Tonk Hero's, Joe Jackson/I'm The Man, Doug Sahm And Band, Mark Knopfler/Kill To Get Crimson. All bought from Elusive Disc except Peter Wolf which was purchased from Soundstage.

Big Thief "Masterpiece", directly from Saddle Creek Records
David Bowie "Black Star", from Soundstage Direct
When the Levee Breaks-SoundstageDirect

Iron&Wine-Sheperds Dog, Don Caballero-American Don
B&Noble(gift card)

Enrico Rava-The Plot, Les McCann&Eddie Harris-Swiss Movement
Lous Records

Hit the jackpot and scored about 25 or so vintage classic rock records long gone from my collection in good condition at Goodwill a couple weeks back for about 12 bucks.   Included some harder to find releases including Magical Mystery Tour with all original packaging including booklet in very good condition. 

Grant Lee Buffalo "Mighty Joe Moon",  (Soundstage Direct)

mapman: I hope they all clean up nicely!

Dylan- Fallen Angels

Clapton- I Still Do(and at 45RPM!)

From Princeton Record Exchange.  When was the last time you could walk out of an indie record store with simultaneous releases from two sixties icons? Both worthwhile, BTW.   

Yesterday, I bought Mothership (Zep) and Kiln House (Fleetwood Mac).  I've heard a ton about the Zep box and my original copy of Kiln is on its last legs.  Both purchases were at Stax Wax, a new vinyl only store (owned by the family that once owned the Stax recording studio) in Malibu.
Chuck Prophet "Night Surfer" (SD)
All purchased at Record High in Phoenix, AZ. Located about 10 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for anyone passing through. A happy customer, no affiliation. They found the Jane Fielding for me and the copy is NM. A really great record store and I have been to many across the country. A nice selection of new, used and audiophile records. All cleaned on a RCM and in great condition. 
Melody Gardot - Currency of Man (new)
Eric Bibb - Painting Signs (new Pure Analog)
Jane Fielding - Embers Glow (used Japanese release)
The Long Riders Soundtrack - Ry Cooder (used)
Listening to Seal "S/T". Not a recent purchase. Bought it in Dallas around 18 years ago while visiting family,.forget the name of the record store, also bought Robin Trower "Live", and The Blue Nile "Hats" there.
Yesterday I picked up "The Art of the Spanish Guitar,"Julian Bream,  used, my second copy, and Bill Evans/Jim Hall "Undercurrents," new 180g.
Original Japanese Bitches Brew and Pangaea by Miles Davis. Ebay, I always buy there. Not interested in re-issues.
I forgot to say where I purchased:  Half Price Books.
Shawn Phillips "Faces"
Richie Havens "Something Else Again"
Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams...are made of this"
Carpenters "Close To You"
Ian & Sylvia "Northern Journey" (mono"
Carly Simon "Playing Possum"
Beck "Dreams" (RSD 2015, sealed)
Pet Shop Boys "please" (promo, sealed)
Earth, Wind & Fire "Gratitude"
Humble Pie "Smokin'"
Big Star "Nothing Can Hurt Me" (sealed. Soundtrack)
Dave Mason "Certified Live"
Pete Townshend "Who Came First" (UK Track)

....all lps at regional record show.
Sara Watkins "Sun Midnight Sun"
Drive-By Truckers "American Band","A Blessing & a Curse"
Amy Winehouse "Frank" (2015)
Jethro Tull "Minstrel in the Gallery" (Steven Wilson)