Vinyl vs high def audio i.e. 24bit / 96 or 192khz

I was born to the world of cassette tapes and soon digital music. My only experience with Vinyl was the one rather audition I had recently. It wasn't feasible at the time for us to try a blind fold A/B test. So my question for anyone has experienced both, is that is it worth it to buy a turntable? 

The entry level ones are not really expensive compared to the gears I currently have. However, it's my habit to not keep things that I would not use. That includes thing that is a hassle to use or requires a lot of maintenance. The shop owner where I auditioned a Rega turntable kind of insinuated it falls into both of the aforementioned categories. For instance, the Vinyl doesn't hold many songs so swapping is pretty much a necessity. Upon some research, I also found that vinyl albums recently issued are likely produced from a digital master anyway, some are even just slightly above CD Quality. I have a large library of songs from HDTracks that are at least 24bit / 48khz and honestly I cannot tell a difference once they hit 24 bit / 96khz. 

With the above said, what's so great about Vinyl in your view? Thanks for the feedback. 

Yes I'm into vinyl to the extent that I no longer care for CD's; only use them to determine what records to buy. An entry level table is a waste of money.

I would not advise anyone to get into vinyl, because of the headache and expense. I was collecting records long before CD, consequently I had a bunch. For a long time I was exclusively CD; but since I already owned LP's, I decided to see what the fuss was about.

Let me clarify, the fuss is "only" in high end analog, not in the "mid fi" we used before CD; that's why all the controversy. CD's are better than "mid fi" any day of the week.

If you don't have records, why bother with the headache and expense; the very best digital is just a shade shy of high end Analog.

The bottom line in Analog is; "You have to run with the big dogs or stay at home"!
If you have no passion for records why do you need a turntable?
It’s never too late to start, but it’s not about quality as much as you may think (especially with entry level turntable), it’s about record collecting, digging, it’s more like a life style, an expensive hobby. If you can invest into a decent analog system then you will understand why it’s so much better in terms of quality too, but do not expect that from any cheap turntables. You gotta love this media format first (it’s a culture), do you have any reason to pay more for the music on vinyl that you can buy cheaper (or to have for free) in digital ?

Do you want to own an original pressing (vinyl) or all you need is digital copy in high resolution?

I don’t care about digital, the music i love i want to have on vinyl.
It's all good! Get yourself a turntable set up and enjoy!
My vinyl rig mostly blows my CD and Tidal Hi-fi streaming away.

It depends on the recording.
Some of my vinyl is crap. Most of it is decent and some is fan-freakin-tastic.
It’s the great recordings that maintain my interest in the gear. It’s the history of my collection and deep emotional ties to the music that maintains my interest in playing vinyl.

The rig is so good at extracting the music that I don’t even hear the clicks and pops, and even if I do, I don’t mind. It's not inexpensive and it helps to know what you are doing.

All it takes is for one song, late at night, when all is quiet, to make you shed a tear, or weep, to know vinyl is worth it.