Vinyl vs DSF (DSD) files - Can you hear the differences

Has anyone experimented with the comparison of a quality vinyl recording on quality table etc vs the same tracks from an SACD .dsf DSD files - using a quality DAC? Can you hear a difference in the quality, depth, tone, etc? If so what did you listen to?

I was amazed when I heard Diana Krall - Wallflower (California Dreaming) track as DSD file via my DAC. The detail was outstanding.

You put "quality" and "DAC" together. Good one.
Well let's say one with a good chipset like the ESS9038
Don't be buffalo'd. They are indeed comparable. Quality dependant upon decoder and phono pickup.
Easy to tell the difference.  One sounds like a bowl of Rice Crispies 
Why are so many people convinced that Vinyl is far superior to high-quality Digital - like DSD?