Vinyl vs. CD

Hey out there,I've been listening to a high quality CD playback system for the past couple years and have recently become interested in going to turntable rig.(I still have an LP collection).I have a quality tube pre with phono and decided to buy an inexpensive turntable to spin some of my old favorites (Rega 2 with grado silver) I had no pre-conceived notion of what would sound better,I just remember the enjoyment I got from playing Hendrix, Rolling Stones ect.on an a good ole' record player.After listening to the Rega for a few days I switched back to CD's (Meridian 500 trans 566/24 dac)and found that the remastered CD issues of the same LP's sounded alot better.Must I drop several K's to experience "Vinyl Dreams" ?

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I am going to sell my Oracle Turntable and all of my records. The table is an original Delphi and has been upgraded to a Mark II. In addition it has a custom made power supply and a custom made armboard. The arm is Syrinx PU-2. It sounds good, much better than the Rega Planar 3 I replaced with it, but does not sound better than my Parasound CD2000/AADTIPR0/Bel Canto Dac. I have not listed it for sale on any websites because I do not want to ship it and I do not even know how much it is worth. I live in Bergen County,NJ. I do have the original box and manual. I have all of my records (around 300) listed in an excel file that I can e-mail. I have around 70 "audiophile" recordings which I am looking to sell. I have e-mailed the list to a few used record shops in this area and only one or two are even interested. This is probably a good time to buy used records, but forget about selling them.