Vinyl Users - Best/Favorite room air cleaner

After vacuuming(?), what is your favorite device for cleaning turntable room air?

Ozone filter?
HEPA device?
Room air conditioner?
Whole house system?
(Eliminate rugs, drapes, fabrics as much as possible?)

Looking for affordable solution.
Want to eliminate DUST more than allergens, pollutants, etc.
My wife recently bought Bissel steam vacuum and it just perfect, it also add aroma, I don't need to do anything else!
3M Filtrete 2200 furnace filter. Change every 3 months. Use a central vac with the exhaust piped to the outdoors. Most dust is from human skin, so manage that in any way reasonable. Maintain relative humidity level between 30% and 40%. 
Get rid of carpets, fleece clothing, and wet Swiffer all the time.
We use Fellowes room air cleaners with carbon filters.
In my basement i use a cheap box fan with a 3M Filtrete 2200 furnace filter duck taped to the back of the fan. The fan runs 24/7 except when listening to music. It makes a big difference.