Vinyl to PC

What device would bring vinyl to hard disk with the best resolution?
I was considering Alesis MasterLink but would probably like to do more search on recording interfaces.
Would realy appreciate any 'boost' from 'goners.:-)
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Don't know how good it would sound or work, but Benchmark makes a analog to digital converter also.
Wadia makes a couple, and for Wadia, rather reasonably priced, too ;-)
Alesis Masterlink is well respected by the pros. It's pretty easy to use. It has worked well for me.
Why do you need a special device? I have used the Alesis Masterlink, and it was very good if finicky. But why not use your computer instead? Standard DAC is your PC has an audio interface; USB DAC otherwise.

Michael Fremer reviewed the Pure Vinyl software in the March 2009 issue of Stereophile. It makes a good background read even if you decide to go another way.
Just Got Masterlink.
The unit is GR8, very easy to use and does a good job recording onto the HD, creating playlists. It sounds great from the HD but not so great from the CD-tray.
Tx for the input!
I think Sumiko has a phonostage or a turntable with a USB output that records to PC. Pretty inexpensive too as I recall.
Prism Orpheus has a built in RIAA equalization and does high resolution. Connects to a PC via Firewire.