Records Sound very good in a decent setup ,and bring back 
good memories of days long gone. I got rid of my very good clear audio setup for getting older I donot have the patience to get up after each album, and if. Don’t want to play the whole album up again at maybe 15 minutes then back in the folder ,and takes a 
wall for the collection.  Digital has come light years in the last few years ,even dacs under $1k especially R2R dacs can sound pretty dam respectable with a decent usb cable and power cord.
a record at best can only hold 12.5 bits of information .
a cd  true 20 bits ,even though you see 24 bit ,32 bit , that is not actual but resolution ,that’s another topic.  With digital you if you have a vacuum tube preamp or amp that’s adds magic ,as well as maybe digital in the dacs design ,as well as parts quality for example .I took the couple caps in the dac and put in the exceptional VH audio Odam poly oil caps they bring a bit of that organic magic sound but with exceptional soundstage,imaging and depth , and non QObuz  have excellent recordings in dsd,and Flac files,if you have Roon which I donot yet ,the album art and history of each album is very entertaining, as well a that sound very clean no pops ,clicks ,and digital inherently has far better S/N ratio much quieter, Bass can go much deeper, and dynamic range without question ,all on the fly from a tablet . Yes it does take at least a few grand minimum to get fully setup, you can buy a dac streamer already setup or a dedicated computer like I have using Jcat Femto usb cards,and Jcat Femto clock Ethernet cards
linesr power supply and on all Solid state drives , it sounds excellent ,and the extra effort truly pays off. One more thing 
very important ,I put in dedicated awg10 dedicated  4 wire lines 
dual grounds ,and,one a common ground, the other  a isolated insulated ground ,to not share any noise off anything else in the house or condo, also Copper Gold wall outlets ,not the $3  ones thst come with the house zincbrass pure garbage Which makes a dramatic difference in lowering the noise floor, and at the breaker box a Siemens home surge protection system . And to think digital 
is still progressing !!
To a great degree, what format sounds better will depend heavily on the recording.  Modern music recorded digitally sounds better than that same digital recording being put on my ears.  
Despite all of vinyl's drawbacks, I like the connection to my favorite audio period of the late 70's. I used to sell the stuff, covet the stuff, play the stuff, collect the stuff. Still do all the above, but not for my livelihood. 
Does it sound better? Well... I compare it to two cars we currently have. One has hydraulic assisted power steering, one is electric. Which one is better? I grew up with the former and am used to it. Electric assist has way more advantages, except "feel" which is subjective. My old ears have some difficulty with nuance. For tha reason, modern digital recordings via any source are more revealing to me. I still like vinyle for all of the nostalgia.

*L* I could divine from the title that this would turn into a  free-for-all....think I'll just lurk and duck the body parts and avoid slipping in the virtual blood 'n gore....pop some popcorn....

Root for the Different Team, 'cause that's where it's going imho.
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