Andrew nailed it. Vinyl is not superior than CD or Streaming, it’s different
Provactive thread title.  
He nails it. That is pretty much my philosophy even though I never really thought it through like that.
It does not matter that muchto me.
I will note that the present DOES make me appreciate photography and graphics when I have to find cover art for SACD rips, a  slight slight of sacd_extract_160.

I enjoyed that video.

Thanks for sharing that. I love my vinyl collection and yes it in inconvenient.

I also still enjoy CD.s and yes Streaming too.

Enjoy the music no matter the format.  
Sucks is a very bad word vinyl will always be king.Shouting is not needed.
I mostly agree with him- just a couple of beefs:

Who dusts records that way? So much easier to simply leave the LP on the platter and let it do the spinning, unless the turntable is so yukky it stops turning with this sort of use.

He is incorrect about 'uncompressed CDs and streaming'. As a mastering engineer, we usually have to get the producer to send us the digital file that hasn't been mastered for digital release to get the best sound. This is simply because nearly all CDs employ compression so they can be heard in a car. There is no expectation this will happen with LPs. I've found that if I spend time with the project, I can find a way to master it without processing (even if there is out of phase bass). So usually these days LPs have less compression unless things were done on the cheap- its not inherent in the format.

The LP has had bandwidth to 40KHz since 1958 when the Westerex #D cutter head ushered in the Golden Age of Stereo. Playback has had this sort of bandwidth since decent phono cartridges started showing up in the late 1960s.

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I watched the WHOLE thing.. He needs some allergy medication for the FUE. Fuc$ed Up Eyes. Dude was stoned AS he flipped the cover down on his nice little vinyl rig, and spewed away.. When you show you have no sense, it shows up in the video. Complete jump on the fence and balancing with one leg.. I summed up the whole video for me.. BELOW

Vinyl is different in a lot of ways, just like RtR, or SDAC, or Live or La-Te-Da..

How's that? I didn't need to make a video about how RED my eyes were.
Cheech and Chong would have been my preference for that.. :-)

Dude the record keeps making that noise at the end, pop, pop, pop. That's been going on for two days, DUDE you gotta' turn the record over.. Puff Puff Pass.. Puff Puff Pass!

OH leave the lid up ay, suppose to sound better. OH the POP?.
No dude, the next record... Captain Beefheart!!!

Vinyl is the worst format in all of audio- except for all the others.
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He didn't say it but it cracks me up when hipsters talk about how many "vinyls" they own. I wonder if the reason he can't determine the superiority of one format over the other has to do with the level of his equipment?  I also have to wonder how something that never left can make a comeback? Oh well, party on!
My 2c:
In my system, it sounds "digital" when the music was recorded in digital, and it does not matter whether it's on a CD, it's streamed or it was pressed onto a vinyl.
It sounds "analogue" when it was recorded on a tape - regardless if it's an AAD/ADD CD or is pressed on vinyl. Try out Kaveh Alexander's CDs (Water Lily acoustics), you will be pleasently surprised that your digital suddenly sound as if it was analogue... also, try early Vangelis CDs, they were AAD, and lack that squeaky clean controlled / restrained character.
Or, trying theChandos LPs recorded in digital, and I can't tell that it's not coming from the CD player....
Really, people. It's not the format you use to listen, but that you take the time and spend the money to listen. Without that, there would be no reason for musicians to do their thing.
Righto hobo 
No best or worst about it.
Although I’m pretty sure wire recorders are worse than vinyl. Early ones didn’t even have a consensus speed like early shellacs. I’ll bet that that cylinders were sucky too.

i've never run into a CD with inner groove distortion/pinch effect. i never ran into a CD that had tracing distortion gouged into it by a previous CD player. i've never run into a CD that had loud clicks and pops on it. 
My dad used to love vinyl.  He had many of the classic audiophile records from the 50s-70s and would spend hours (weeks?) tuning in his analog rig within a gnats ass.  He really got into the paraphernalia of it.  He had all the brushes, cleaners, anti-static guns, etc.  He was meticulous when it came to his vinyl and much of it sounds as clean today as it did the day he bought it.  However, once he found a CD player that sounded musical (sometime in the mid 90s) his vinyl days were over.  

I love my vinyl, but I do my best not to obsess over it and consider it a means to an end, to get musical enjoyment regardless of format.  I also love CDs and I'm now doing what I did with vinyl in the 80s and 90s, buying up all the unloved and abandoned CDs I can afford before they disappear.  You know what's coming next, $35 CDs and hipster CD worship.

The hipster on the video seems to concern himself more with aspect of vinyl other than musical enjoyment.  I have some really cool old albums and the only thoughts I've had about who may have owned them previously ran along the lines of, "did they ever change their stylus?" or "did they use hydrochloric acid to clean this record?"

Vinyl is better in every respect. 

Digital is full of distortion and “digital artifacts”, from all the massive levels of processing needed to convert math to an ANALOG signal/voltage. Everybody has their favorite DACs, proving that distortion is present in every way.
I used to think so too but lately I've really come to appreciate Les Claypool, especially with the Lennon Delirium. Then you go down the rabbit hole with Mahavishnu, Crimson, T Levin, Belew, fripp etc... they all play together. Even with Stew Copeland etc... Big happy family
Jack, real leather smells better but in the car it too gets hot (in AZ). Cloth is best! 
So in short order we've had "no room needs treatment" and "vinyl sucks".  Wow.  Did Agon get hacked by foreign agitators or something?  Just don't take the bait folks.  

But yeah, you have to admire Claypool's skills if nothing else and that Buckethead sure is fast.  But I like the percussion best of all.  
The YouTube guy is an air-head.  He's even got a stupid haircut - bumped into a buzz-saw and a can of axle grease.
He's not saying anything that wasn't already said by hundreds of guys old enough to be his grand dad.  He imagines he's the first person to think of this.
He doesn't talk about the sound at all.
Total waste of six minutes listening to him.
He has a $200. Uturn turntable with a $70. Ortofon om5e cartridge. Yes, his vinyl sucks. When I go to my friend's house and listen to his Insignia system, I think stereo sucks!
Once you get to a high-end digital system like Grim Audio MU1 streamer + Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC there is unfortunately no more role for Vinyl in my setup. I say unfortunately because I wanted Vinyl to win... I therefore organized a session with 3 (musicophiles but not audiophiles) friends and did a blind test.  To make things even harder I played my very best Japanese pressings...  
Digital gave them more pleasure. One of the 3 friends is a well-known baroque orchestra conductor: he found Digital to have more realism in terms of timbres, staccato/legato, dynamics. Ditto for percussions which he found more realistic. RIP Vinyl for me, but VERY respectful for all the others who love it.  My amazing PTP model 12 (Lenco-based) with Schick 12” arm and Lyra Delos cartridge is officially looking for a new home... 😎

If you think vinyl sounds better, then your brain will make it so and it will sound better to you. Vinyl does sound better, to those who think it does.

If his kit was improved he would like it more. He buys a spitfire and says he doesn't like e-types. Ok matey

I thought my digital rig (Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer into Pavane DAC) sounded pretty close to my analog rig, but then I set my Ortophon 2M Black aside for a Lyra Kleos and the gap widened.

Then I added a Bobs Devices SUT.
Man oh man that has change things considerably. 

Frampton came alive, again !!!
"If you think vinyl sounds better, then your brain will make it so and it will sound better to you. Vinyl does sound better, to those who think it does."

If you think digital sounds better, then your brain will make it so and it will sound better to you. Digital does sound better, to those who think it does.

There, fixed it for you.

Show me any digital format that has that tubey magic of well recorded vinyl from the 1950’s, whereas they utilized tube equipment and proper microphone placement, ie Rca Living stereo, Mercury living presence, Decca, London, Philips, etc....I’ve yet to hear it. Those engineers are long gone, too bad! I’ll stay with vinyl, and i mean older pressings, not the crap they repress today.. The magic is missing otherwise.
There are cassette tapes that sound better than a cd or a stream. They sound natural with a warm easy going flow to them. Hard to explain, but it is there. The cassettes are of course played on a top of the line Aiwa 3 head cassette deck with dual capstans, beautiful. Lastly, where is the involvement with anything digital? I want to be involved with my music, both listening and preparing to listen or recording. I find it both relaxing and satisfying. People have gotten to the point whereas getting up just to put a CD into a player is a chore! Lmao. Honestly, what would this hobby be without that sort of effort and involvement? Boring, that’s what it would be. Too bad that the younger crowd can’t wrap their mind around what I speak of. Its a shame really, but I guess you don’t miss what you never had.
The well to do have their dedicated posh wood ladden libraries of wall to wall books, despite the existence of a kindle and internet. I’ve got my records/lp’s.
Records Sound very good in a decent setup ,and bring back 
good memories of days long gone. I got rid of my very good clear audio setup for getting older I donot have the patience to get up after each album, and if. Don’t want to play the whole album up again at maybe 15 minutes then back in the folder ,and takes a 
wall for the collection.  Digital has come light years in the last few years ,even dacs under $1k especially R2R dacs can sound pretty dam respectable with a decent usb cable and power cord.
a record at best can only hold 12.5 bits of information .
a cd  true 20 bits ,even though you see 24 bit ,32 bit , that is not actual but resolution ,that’s another topic.  With digital you if you have a vacuum tube preamp or amp that’s adds magic ,as well as maybe digital in the dacs design ,as well as parts quality for example .I took the couple caps in the dac and put in the exceptional VH audio Odam poly oil caps they bring a bit of that organic magic sound but with exceptional soundstage,imaging and depth , and non QObuz  have excellent recordings in dsd,and Flac files,if you have Roon which I donot yet ,the album art and history of each album is very entertaining, as well a that sound very clean no pops ,clicks ,and digital inherently has far better S/N ratio much quieter, Bass can go much deeper, and dynamic range without question ,all on the fly from a tablet . Yes it does take at least a few grand minimum to get fully setup, you can buy a dac streamer already setup or a dedicated computer like I have using Jcat Femto usb cards,and Jcat Femto clock Ethernet cards
linesr power supply and on all Solid state drives , it sounds excellent ,and the extra effort truly pays off. One more thing 
very important ,I put in dedicated awg10 dedicated  4 wire lines 
dual grounds ,and,one a common ground, the other  a isolated insulated ground ,to not share any noise off anything else in the house or condo, also Copper Gold wall outlets ,not the $3  ones thst come with the house zincbrass pure garbage Which makes a dramatic difference in lowering the noise floor, and at the breaker box a Siemens home surge protection system . And to think digital 
is still progressing !!
To a great degree, what format sounds better will depend heavily on the recording.  Modern music recorded digitally sounds better than that same digital recording being put on my ears.  
Despite all of vinyl's drawbacks, I like the connection to my favorite audio period of the late 70's. I used to sell the stuff, covet the stuff, play the stuff, collect the stuff. Still do all the above, but not for my livelihood. 
Does it sound better? Well... I compare it to two cars we currently have. One has hydraulic assisted power steering, one is electric. Which one is better? I grew up with the former and am used to it. Electric assist has way more advantages, except "feel" which is subjective. My old ears have some difficulty with nuance. For tha reason, modern digital recordings via any source are more revealing to me. I still like vinyle for all of the nostalgia.

*L* I could divine from the title that this would turn into a  free-for-all....think I'll just lurk and duck the body parts and avoid slipping in the virtual blood 'n gore....pop some popcorn....

Root for the Different Team, 'cause that's where it's going imho.
Not that anyone cares about my ho....:/
Vinyl is interactive and fun and different and you can go search for it in new and interesting places which are all the reasons that it is more human medium than digital or streaming plus it is a tactile medium which also enhances its charm.
He's a moron...

I love music and I love all of the mediums for playing it.  I prefer my vinyl rig and enjoy it immensely.  To each his own, but to denigrate a major source (vinyl) is just moronic.  "So there, I'll say it"... he's a moron.   
If you like vinyl better, great. 
If you like digital better, great.
I've run both formats for decades, each has advantages, and disadvantages.

I learned that to do any format well, so it sounds like music, takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and a considerable financial investment ( hardware and software).

Q. So who has the best sounding system? 
A. Generally, the person who chooses to focus on just one of these formats, does it the best they can, and spends the rest of their $$$ for preamps/amps/speakers rather than running both digital and analog front ends. Unless, you have a huge budget, then of  course, do both as you please.

There is more music out there in either format than I can listen to in a lifetime. Choose one and do it with the best implementation you can and you'll be happy, maybe!

It still boils down to preference. Personally, I gave up vinyl 30 years ago and would never go back. To me vinyl is too inconvenient. Even if it does sound better, which is a contentious debate, It has too many negatives for me. I have 4 systems so I would need 4 turntables, I have 3000 Cd's. 3000 Lp's would would take up too much real estate in my home, pops & clicks drive me crazy, inner groove  distortion, Lp's & subwoofers don't place nice with each other. Lp's are too sensitive to floor construction. Lp's need to cleaned all the time. Turntables are a pain to setup properly. Warped records drive me crazy. Even though Lp's have all these negatives to me, I would never it say vinyl sucks because it gives some people great musical pleasure.
Its all about the music no matter the format . The format that makes you enjoy the music most is the one for you

Me ? I can enjoy whatever it cd , streaming or viniyl . ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.
I find his reviews borderline unwatchable for some reason.

Actually there are 2 reasons coming to mind:
-He reviews stuff I do not care much about
-He face, speaking voice and presence makes me want to box his ears.

a physicist and record producer/engineer of note named tom dowd, a guy way smarter than me, didn't have many good things to say about phonographic recording and playback.